Looking for light strip recommendations for network rack

As the title suggests, I'm looking for some light strips and controller for a 12u wall-mounted network rack. I don't really care about rainbow mode, just something to provide some light when I open the door on the rack. I might change the colors at some point in the future based on some form of alerting such as wan failed over to secondary wan etc... The rack is stuffed in the top of a closet where all the other wiring for the house comes in and there isn't a light in there. I still need to clean up the cabling a bit but here's a pic so you have an idea.

I'm thinking of a strip that wraps around the inner lip of the front and something to light up from the rear when I have some of the covers off, but am open to whatever really. I don't want to add another hub though so it needs to have driver support in Hubitat. Zigbee or Z-Wave is fine.

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There are a bunch of RGBW controllers so you could use pretty much ANY LED strip out there (giving you a huge number of options) that work with both ZigBee and Z-Wave.

I have had good luck with GLEDOPTO for example. They also have a USB-powered ZigBee version that is RGB+CCT, which could work with the USB ports you have available I assume.

On a different note, I am jealous of your Ubiquiti 48 port switch. Is it PoE? I have the UDMP also. But I am primarily using an old Brocade PoE switch... Tough to replace when it still works, provides plenty of power, gigabit, and redundant power supplies...

I'll check out the GLEDOPTO you mentioned. The 48 port isn't PoE but I'm planning on getting a Switch Enterprise 24 PoE if they release a wifi 6 AP with a 2.5gb port.

Another controller I have had good luck with are the Zooz Zen31 RGBW controllers. I actually prefer those a bit as I have been trying to make my "most important" items all Z-Wave S2 and they are smaller with more features... but the GLEDOPTO is far cheaper and works fine.

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Maybe off target too far - but without going 'smart' - I've used these numerous times and they work well in numerous configs - and they're pre-cut

Those still need a controller and they are only a little more than 2 feet. Without even going for the cheapest ones you can get WS2812 LED strips for less than $2/foot for 16ft (5m).

The problem with WS2812 for these purposes is that there are not ready controllers that link to Hubitat. There is a WLED driver if you make/get a controller that can be used. I control my own WS2812 pixel projects on an ESP8266 with custom firmware and Hubitat driver.

Inovelli has their Red series individually addressable LED strip that is controlled over Z-Wave. It is on sale at this time. That is the only individually addressable LED strip I know of with a Z-Wave controller at this time.

Ended up picking up 3 of the zooz controller's. I still need to figure out an led strip to use. I'd prefer to use one with a diffuser so it looks clean. Just need to look through some options.

second this. i use this for an under cabinet LED strip and it works great

i used cable management channels to make my own diffuser

i could add some epoxy to the inside to diffuse it more, but i'm totally too lazy to do it

For whatever reason, the video isn't loading for me.

that's the direct link, does this work?

Nope, maybe DNS filtering gimme a sec and check. Threat prevention was being a little overzealous. Looks pretty cool but I'll definitely want to diffuse it a bit more. Also want to replace the lights in the entryway arches with diffused led strips. Maybe tune em to an icy blue for that 2000's Miami club vibe lol.

yea, i would like to diffuse them a bit more. i tried using parchment paper inside, and it still wasn't enough. let me know what you ultimately find, i wouldn't mind changing the cable channels to have something more diffused. i was trying to go the route of not buying something but making something instead. thought of using a white pool noodle, but ultimately decided against it for the size of it

I was thinking maybe filling a tube with white dyed epoxy resin might work but not sure on how it would handle heat. Rough sanding the tube could also help diffusing the light. Just my first thought but there's probably better ways. Another thing I was thinking about was open cell foam or the diffusion fabric used to light photography scenes.

For a ready-made solution this also looks pretty good. MICRO-ALU LED Strip Channel - Universal | Super Bright LEDs

You probably won't need to be running them at full brightness, which will also work out better with a tube. Plus, I thought you mentioned you were planning on putting them so they were mostly aimed inside. That will also help smooth the effect.

Now add a WADWAZ for the front door and string a bunch of extra contacts in series to it's external connection. You will be able to tell if someone opens it and could have the lights react to that

Example, if it has a side/back door, have the back Zen31 turn up the brightness because most likely you are trying to get to the plugs and cabling behind stuff.

Now you are making me want to do something like this for my own case. I already have contacts on it and have an extra Zen31 plus LED strips...