Looking for in fan mounted speed/light controller (no wall mounted switch style)

I'm looking for a fan/light controller that is not wall mounted (something like the Hampton Bay Wink remote they had a few years back).

It can be either Zigbee or Zwave as long as it's not WIFI. It does not need to have a remote control either, just the module inside the fan is ok

We use to use the Hampton Bay fan control, but you can’t get them anymore. I believe Zooz makes a wall switch with a fan module to control the functions. This is all I know.

I wonder if the module that comes with the Inovelli Fan/Switch combo could work independently of the switch… If so, that could be an option. However, the price point would be high if all that is needed is the module…

If you don’t want to use a wall switch or WiFi it looks like you’re out of luck. The Inovelli fan module requires the associated wall switch. The switch and the module communicate on a separate RF channel. The Z-wave communication is only with the switch. I don’t know if anything like the Hampton Bay Zigbee fan control available today. BTW the Hampton Bay fan control was a PITA to setup.

Already checked that and the module communicates directly with the switch via RF, so that one is a no go.

Could not find anything on there site nor on the store, the only light/fan combo I could find from Zooz was for a bathroom fan more than anything (dimmer on main paddle and a relay on a secondary paddle) and that I already have.

That's what I'm thinking also, the fan I have already has an RF remote and might have to go with an RF hub, anything to recommend using WIFI? Might have to go that route :frowning:

Why don’t you look at using a Bond hub? It can send RF signals to many RF devices. It can learn signals for those it doesn’t know. Be sure to check the frequency of your RF remote and verify Bond supports it. There is a community driver for the Bond hub. The only quirk is it, like your remote, is one way communication.

The Inovelli LZW36 package does not use the included switch to interrupt power, only as a radio relay between Z-Wave and the fan canopy RF module. The switch just needs AC power to operate the radios, and can be mounted in an unused wall outlet box or even powered by a lamp cord in a plastic electrical box. I used a lamp cord and sealed surface-mount PVC electrical outlet box to program my LZW36's before installation.

Technical stuff aside, the problem with the LZW36 may be availability. The chip shortage is wreaking havoc with Inovelli's supply chain on some items.....


That sounds interesting but the price is a bit steep for what it does. hmmmm maybe a last resort option, thanks!

Might be what I'll have to do if I can't find another option.

Or just buy a used Hampton Bay remote and hope that it will perform as it should. But again the used prices have gone up a bit and are selling as if they were new from HD :frowning:

True if you are only controlling one fan. If you need to control more than one fan a single Bond hub will control several. The price per fan starts to drop.

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This is for a tiny house we have on our property with a single fan in it. If it would be for the main house with several fans it would have been a great option but then again, no feedback possible so not so great if you need that but when you don't really have that many options out there you get what is available.

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This is not what you asked for, but I had added a fan to our sun room to exhaust the warm air and heat-up the house on sunny winter days.

I also added a Lutron fan dimmer and have been very happy with it. It is pretty much only used with automations, but having the switch there can be useful at times.


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