Looking for Ideas

I have recently moved to Hubitat from Homeseer. I have a Home Theater that I control using the "The Home Remote" and now Hubitat. I have got most issues resolved except my projector. I can use the Home Remote to turn on the Projector but I want to use Hubitat to turn off the projector. I set it up this way because there is of the delays involved when shutting the system down. If I use The Home Remote to shutdown the projector, I am sure I will have issues with it shutting down if the app closes.

So in Homeseer I was able to connect to an IP2SL and send rs232 over IP commands. I like rs232 the best, if possible. I do have a Global cache IP2IR, although I would have to pull a wire to get this to function where the projector is. I have looked at the broadcom integration.

So far IR is the only thing I found. The Projector is an older Panasonc AE4000u. I have done extensive research about IP2SL and have hit a dead end everytime.

In Homeseer I used this plugin

It has worked well and you can create almost any connection you need.

Any thoughts or something I missed?


Why not control it via IR with an RM4 or RM4 Pro? It's inexpensive and easy to implement.