Looking for Ecolink Z-Wave Plus driver with “Reverse” option

I have an Ecolink contact sensor that I have setup with external leads.

Because of my setup which needs to tell me if any of 2 doors are open, I had to set it up with contact sensors that report “closed” when either doors are open and “opened” when both are closed.

I have setup a virtual device along with a rule that will reverse this, but would much rather have a driver available where I could reverse the status…

Does someone happen to have a generic Z-Wave Plus driver code that works and could be used for this? Ideally, it would already have this functionality, but if not, I could probably add it (creating a new one is over and above my ability right now… modifying/adding I can probably do…).

Alternatively, would this be an option that could be added to the Generic Z-Wave Plus driver @bcopeland ?

That’s not an unreasonable ask.. I’ll see what I can do..