Looking for Device, "on the air/in a meeting" light

Hey guys,
My fiance works from home and is in and out of meetings all day, I wanted to set her up with a simple button to control a light, letting me know when she was unavailable.
There's a plug across from her room that i was thinking i could put some sort of light and control it with one of the buttons i have lying around. Maybe a smart nightlight is something like that exists?
I tried using an echo with the nightlight attachment, but the alexa integration doesn't really allow (most) buttons. I tried using a contact sensor with alexa but the free one i have is aqara and it keeps dropping off the zigbee network. (plus it's kinda of a janky solution)
seeing as so many others work from home currently, i was wondering what solutions you've come up with, id rather not do a big install of a switch or run cords for LED string lights. thanks!

For a one off like this you might just consider using a zigbee or zwave smart bulb in a regular light fixture...

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I considered this as I do have some smart bulbs hanging around, but there aren't any lamps in the vicinity.

Hmmm, maybe a smartplug with a nightlight?

exactly what I'm looking for, do you know of any? the google searches ive come up with are wifi cloud based or not very controllable ( Centralite 3 series)

Maybe Sengled - two pack on Amazon:

ah i read that wrong, i have smart plugs and night lights. but they stick too far out of the wall, was looking for a combination of the two that's controllable

Ah... haven't seen one of those. I'll look around a bit, but not hopeful.

You have overly constrained your solution. Neither smart bulbs nor smart outlets will meet your constraints.

My suggestion would be to replace the receptacle itself with a smart receptacle. There are quite a few around.

One would be:

One outlet is always powered, one outlet is Z-Wave Plus. Put a night light, or whatever you want, in the controlled receptacle.

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If you want to get fancy and it fits the space:


wow that's really cool!

I haven't used this but have a friend with these in his home:

yeah i saw those, on paper is does everything i want, but there's a long thread on this website about how the description is wrong and you cant actually change the colors remotely. thanks for the suggestion though!

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this may be what i end of doing, I don't think i constrained the solution that much. there's are products out there at miss one or two needed items.

this guy does most things but isn't RGB

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Inovelli switches have an LED bar that can be used for different notifications....


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Homeseer HSM200

Isn't that the same Centralite mentioned above that does NOT do what it claims to?

No not at all

There was some reason this wasn't desirable or wouldn't work the last time this came up. I thought it was because it had the same flaw as the Centralite?