Looking for compatible device in europe

I am new and am looking for flush-mounted sockets for Europe (230V) that are compatible and reliable. Does anyone have a recommendation for me?
I'm really desperate as I've already tried a lot but everything is somehow incompatible.
Now I am a little disappointed that I actually understood Hubitat as an open platform and therefore bought it.
I am convinced that there must be the right flush-mounted sockets out there somewhere.

Could you perhaps go into more detail about which devices you have tried and what problems you ran into?

As home automation platforms go, Hubitat is indeed quite “open,” although I’m sure that could mean different things to different people.

There is a pretty long list of devices that have been tested by staff and are considered to be officially compatible with built-in drivers.

And there are even more devices that can potentially be integrated with Hubitat by using custom code. Community developers usually post their contributions here in the forum.

Would something like this work? These can be zigbee or Wifi and will work with HE.

Can you post some links to the sites where these wall outlets are sold?

These are MakeGood switches and are quite nice (I have a number of them). They are very sensitive but do have a loud click with a change of state.

You can buy them direct from MakeGood through Alibaba and prices are fair. If you contact the sales girl on sales6[at]szmakegood.com she will send you a link of where to purchase them. Make sure you pick the correct standard as they have done all the EU/US/Au certificate testing. Some of the switches dont have much info on the web site but they do have them ready to ship if you contact them direct.

I have mostly bought zigbee switches (and use some of your drivers) but do have a couple of wifi ones I have flashed.

I can expect all Zigbee switches basic functionality (on and off) to work using the HE inbuilt drivers.
For the WiFi - you already know... Tasmota... I have only one Tasmota plug pre-flashed from this site, just to satisfy my curiosity :


Most of the new Tuya based switches now have Beken based chips but can be flashed with OpenBeken and as luck would have it, work fine with the Tasmota HE drivers. I actually like OpenBeken and it is very fast once flashed on a chip.

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Thank you for the new info, this is something that I have not paid attention so far!

You can even flash a lot of stuff OTA with Tuya-Cloudcutter

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First of all: please excuse my language. I am from Austria and I translated the conversation partly with an online translator from German into English.

Thank you very much for all the answers. To explain in more detail, I bought a flush-mounted socket from LIVOLO online in the belief that if it says ZIGBEE it is always compatible.

That was my first choice.

But I suspect that this device can only be connected to the special gateway from Livolo.

I will probably send the device back and buy a device recommended by you. (Unfortunately I can't order from Alibaba for Europe / Austria).
Does anyone have a link on Amazon for these products?

Unfortunately I don't trust myself to flash or reconfigure the devices as it was mentioned here in the forum.
I am also afraid to install any new program / driver as I don't want to break anything.

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is your device this one?

I just found via Google lens at AMAZON

amazon: Socket-Monitoring-Automation-EU-Stecker-95-245V/dp/B0B9N3WZ5X?th=1

I think this is the same and could be compatible with hubitat!?

It is this one


Sorry, I don't know how I can post a direct link

Sometimes it’s true that certain manufacturers don’t fully comply with zigbee standards when they design their devices, which makes it less likely (or impossible) that they’ll be compatible with a generic Hubitat driver.

@kkossev is probably the best person to comment on this specific device though.

You can join the hub owners group to gain privileges like including links or screenshots in your posts.

Livolo TI0001-socket seems to be not compatible with Hubitat (just looked at Zigbee2MQTT specific implementation here)

Also found this : Trying to implement Livolo Wall Switches - #16 by abraham

Better look for an alternative solution...

Thank you for your kind support. As a beginner, sometimes things are not easy to understand and I have to do it step by step.
Nevertheless, I am still enthusiastic about Hubitat as an open platform. Let's see what else I can do with it.

I will try the Smart Socket from Amazon and return the Livolo.
Thanks to all of you.



Make sure you select the Zigbee version :

(the second option is WiFi and will not work directly connected to Hubitat, bypassing the Tuya Cloud..)

I have this one :

Tuya Smart Wall Socket 220v Zigbee EU Standard

It also allows monitoring of the power, voltage, and the energy consumed.
But if you don't need these extras, go with the Amazon . de model, it is expected to work out of the box using HE inbuilt driver.

Most probably, this device will not be automatically recognized by Hubitat as a controllable on/off power plug/socket.

After pairing, you may still need to select manually the Generic Zigbee Switch driver :

Good luck!

Thank you all very much for the perfect support. I think I will come back to this forum soon for more questions and other problems. (My heat pump only works with SmartLife...Tuya Chip (?) / WLAN if I understood correctly...and the next project is how/if to integrate it)


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