Looking for an oven-ready CT clamp

Hi, can anyone recommend a compatible CT clamp that doesnt require wiring to power supply? Something with its own socket perhaps?

You can search AliExpress for ‘Tuya Current Clamp Zigbee’, there are a lot of different models.

Not the best solution, but these should be relatively safe to install, as the oven high currents do not pass through additional sockets, just place the clamp on one of the existing power supply wires.

Tuya energy meters are also rather chatty , I will not recommend using more than one or two of them .

This is the better solution: (Amazon .com) - Aeotec Home Energy Meter

Here is my Aeotec Home Energy Monitor. It's monitoring the whole house. Plugs in (not battery). Z-wave. A little tricky to set up, but it's been a rock. It's been reporting at a 5 second clip for a long time now.

That is probably overkill for you.

RIB, and probably others, has a CT relay.

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