Looking for an indoor camera

Hi all,

I'm currently using four Xioami cameras and I want to replace them with something that can be integrated to hubitat and still maintaing the possibility to watch via mobile app.
Looking for at least 1080p with memry card to save videos.
It should be a budget friendly option because I want to replace all four :slight_smile:

Any recommendations?

Can you be more specific re: how you’d like to integrate IP cameras with Hubitat?

Foscam or any ip cam should work if you just want a feed on your dashboard.

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As long as it’s capable of streaming mjpeg, sure.

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How can i connect my ip cam to the dashboard?

I am fairly happy with my Blink cameras, but I also got them before they started charging for subscriptions so I am grandfathered in.

Simply get the proper feed url from the camera, create a tile without a device but pick image as the template and put the url in the image url field and a refresh interval as 1