Looking for an example of a network device driver

First post, be gentle with me.

My DYI home control system is based on a system that has evolved over the last 30+ years, starting from a Vic20+X10+Apple][+. It currently consists of a Hubitat controller (newly acquired to replace a VeraPlus controller), a RazBerry Z-Way controller, many Z-Wave devices, and many network custom designed and built sensors and displays (e.g. "devices") that heavily rely on network communication (primarily broadcast UDP packets).

I currently integrate all this (including the Hubitat and Z-Way) using several custom software programs (developed using the XOJO programming language). What I'd like to be able to do is create virtual devices in the Hubitat that can communicate with my custom devices. I think I could do this if I had an example of a Hubitat driver that was already capable of communicating over the local network. I am not interested in using any "cloud" services (at least at this time).

Is anyone aware of such a driver, and if so, could you point me to it.

Thanks in advance.

First, let me say Welcome! Most of the user written drivers mentioned here have github repos so there are plenty of examples to look at. Up top of this page is the Documentation Link and a Search. There are developer documents. Try searching for UDP if that is your driver concern.

Thanks for the reply. I looked there and found the examples folder. There are a couple of good ones that I think I can use as a basis for my task. Now I have to learn more about groovy's capability and syntax.

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For any and all who may have viewed my post, I thank you for your consideration. I found the info I needed and have successfully integrated my existing system as a collection of sensors into my newly acquired Hubitat. This also gives me the ability to create new types of sensors as well. Fun times ahead.


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