Looking for a zwave button

In my bedroom, my wife and I have two small lamps mounted to the wall above our side of the bed. I have a Zen25 double plug, and will be wiring in a Zen21 switch soon to act as a scene controller. Tap to turn one light on, double tap to turn both lights on (or maybe reverse this, we'll play around with it and see).

But we'll need a way to turn the lights on and off when in bed. Using the toggle switch on the cord like we currently do is not ideal because then the circuit is not complete and the zwave plug cannot turn the lamp on and off.

This is the first zwave device I am going to be setting up. I figured I'd start fairly easy. The whole reason I'm even doing these 2 lights like this is because our ceiling fan in the room is RF controlled with a remote. When you flip the switch off and then back on, it remembers the last setting it was on and goes back to it. But, if the light was off, then flipping the switch on will not turn the light on. Then if it's dark, we have to fumble around for the fan remote, or fumble over to the bed to turn one of these lights on so that we can find the fan remote.

So... what do I want. Preferably just a button. Either a button for me and a button for her, or a device that has two buttons in it. I could mount it on the wall just above the center of the bed. Basically, something that looks like this, but turned sideways. As a side note, I wish I could find a good zwave scene controller switch instead of a normal switch that has scene control. But I digress; I can easily replace the switch in the future, but I'd still need a way to control the lights through zwave, while in the bed.

So does anyone have any suggestions?

You can use that switch if you have a place to mount it. It does not need to have a Load attached to be a ZWave "button".

I use the Hank Single Button and it comes in a quad. The buttons support push and push and hold so even the one button is two.

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But really.. the BEST solution costs a lot more but opens a world of possibilities... use a Pico... means buying a SmartBridge PRO, but then you can put those buttons anywhere.

There are lots of button devices that work with Hubitat, but specifying Z-Wave only is going to limit you a bit. You can see a list of supported buttons in the official list or (with some notes on capabilities) here: Hubitat Elevation supported button controller capabilities matrix

In fact, you can have exactly what you want above with a Lutron Pico remote (the 5-button one is usually cheaper, but there's a 2-button one that looks exactly like that, and despite the engraving you can mount it horizontally if you want). Unfortunately, that requires (at least) the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, which would make this over a $100 endeavor for just one button. But if you want enough, the Picos are cheap enough it could be worth it.

Assuming that's a no-go, I'd look at the other devices in the list and see if any look like what you want. The Aeon Wallmote is Z-Wave like you want but isn't as small as some buttons, but not ugly. The Hank went out of stock before I could try it (and I don't want it anymore), but it looks like it would be good. If you're willing to consider Zigbee, the SmartThings button is tiny and cheap and would be a good choice, but you'd either need two or have to use different actions (tap vs double tap, etc.).

As hinted at above, you can also use most Z-Wave "scene"-capable switches as just scene switches if you want. Many support disabling the relay, so even a single tap up or down will just register as a button press and nothing more. Even with ones that don't, wiring line and load together or leaving off load (depending if the switch or you need one) is usually a hardwired way to do the same.

....If you're willing to consider zigbee*....

I didn't mean anything bad with that. In most cases, I prefer Zigbee devices myself; they just happened to specify Z-Wave in the post. :slight_smile:

I meant that the SmartThings buttons are zigbee not z-wave, right? Just wanted to make sure the OP had the correct info.

Or you could just "toggle" each light. With your 2 button switch or 2 one button switches, each button toggles one of your lamps. Press once to turn on. Press a second time to turn off. Far less confusing, especially in the dark.

Use a RGBGenie remote. Although it is Zigbee, it should do what you want and look like you want. I put mine into a Lutron Claro wall plate, and it can sit on the table or be stuck or screwed to the wall if you wanted. You won't have to add a Lutron Bridge or Pico this way, those Lutron are great though and you should consider it.

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Ack, I thought one thing and typed another! (I didn't even notice because I swear what you said is what I typed.) I've corrected it--thanks!


For a moment I thought that was your wallpaper :face_vomiting: :smile: :smile:

@neonturbo Thanks for the props.

I personally have one of those on my nightstand for the exact reason @waterboysh describes. I have three smart bulbs in the bedroom and the wall switch or Alexa aren't always convenient when the Mrs. is sleeping. I use the scene button to turn two off and set the other to 1%. Great instant night light.

What country are you in? If you're in the United States, you may want to consider using Lutron Caseta for the switches and Pico remotes for your button controllers. You'd need the Lutron SmartBridge PRO, as that model supports Telnet integration which is used by Hubitat. I have a similar bedroom setup with Pico remotes on both of our nightstands to control lighting/fans/etc... It works amazingly well and has been 100% reliable and very fast. Pico remotes can be used within a decora style wallplate as well, so they blend in with other wall-mounted switches.

Here's a 2-button Pico...

We use quite a few of these 5 button Picos...

Personally I would go for a zigbee option like this (very cheap) ...

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Hey everyone, thanks for the replies. I have not had a chance to look over them in depth. Our baby girl decided to finally come. I'll look over done of the things mentioned next week.

Also, since it was asked, I'm in the US.


Congratulations!!!! If you get back in the rhythm of things in the next week... you're doing way better than I did!


I have the Hank 4 button, and while it has been great, I moved my hub and it no longer reaches. I have a zwave switch nearby, so the mesh should be working - tbd. The other problem is that it's round and symmetrical. Hard to use in the dark. I get around this by designating the middle button as “press light goes to 10%, hold turns it off”. That gives me enough light to see the other buttons. Though, honestly, I'm not 100% sure what the other buttons do anymore!

I also have a few SmartThings single buttons, and they're really reliable. After moving the hub (another building 15' away, but hardy-plank in between) it also no longer works - I think I need a zigbee repeater. Otherwise, really nice.

I think I'm going to get some IKEA buttons to control my Sonos in the future.

This is what I ended up going with and it works great.

This one is a two-button Z-Wave but I don't know whether it's available without buying Graber blinds. I have it joined to Hubitat using the Somfy two-button controller device.

It's about 1.5 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall.

Maybe eBay?