Looking for a ZigBee plug

Looking for a ZigBee plug, though I'll take zwave if it's all I can get. Needs to be rated for 1800W continuous, ideally it will use a 20A continuous relay (the S31 Lite I'm currently using has a 23A continuous rating, I like overbuilt) and needs to do power reporting. Basically I'm using this to power a 1500W space heater which may really draw closer to 1600W for long periods. In curious about true daily power draw but not so curious that I'll give up the safety margin that the S31 Lite offers. If anyone has a recommendation for a really well built 120V switch with power monitoring I'm all ears.

For zwave, good reviews on the Zen15 from zooz:


I have a ZEN15 and it works great. I use it for Holiday lights.


Me too! Use it to drive a water pump.. has been working fine since June 2020.

There is also this Z-wave one:

But it might be way overbuilt and expensive for what you are looking for...

I have a half dozen of the Zen15's and they've been pretty bulletproof.

However the Zen15 is rated fro 15 Amps, 1800W Max (1/2 HP motor max). So while it will run quite a few things, it's not a 20 Amp solution.

I run several sump pumps, my on-demand water heater, and a couple refrigerators using these. Not really for control, but for power monitoring.

Ironically, having the fridges and pumps on these devices seems rather dumb, as my load shedding plan calls for everything EXCEPT the Sumps, Refrigerators and Freezers to be turned off in the event of a power outage, where I'm running on Solar plus battery only....

The Aeotec might be a better solution for your ~1900W Load. I want to say there's another similar device from GE or somebody,