Looking for a ZigBee outlet (US 3 prong) with dimmer

All the outlets I find that can dim have 2 prongs only. But i need it for a grounded 3 prong plug (North American).
Any recommendations?

You use the word "outlet" and to me that's an in-wall device... it is my understanding they are not allowed to be dimmable. There's no way to exclude plugging a vacuum cleaner into the outlet and cause a problem. Lutron has a dimmable outlet in their product lineup but normal plugs won't fit. You have to replace the plug end as well. Unfortunately, it's not a smart outlet.

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Same as @csteele says - if you are looking for a dimmable outlet (in-wall) I don't think you're going to find one.

If you're looking for a Zigbee dimmable plug (plug into a wall outlet) then this might work for you, but it's big and both outlets are controlled together:


There is a three prong dimmer plug that I use with my Hubitat, but it's Wi-Fi, not ZigBee, and only 300/150 watts, and pretty big and fugly.
But cheap and reliable. :wink:

Yes, i meant a plug, not in-wall.

@danabw , you'll notice the plug you mentioned only supports 2 prongs. That's my problem.

@Ranchitat , I'm okay with a fugly plug :slight_smile: but it has to be ZigBee because its far from the hub and need the mesh for commands to reach it.

DOH! Oops...attention deficiet syndrome strikes again.

Now that I think about this a little more, I believe I went through this same search at one point and came up empty.

Have you considered this option? :wink:

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I've been pleasantly surprised how well the Wi-Fi works for long range, you might want to give it a try, just make sure you buy it from somewhere with free returns. :upside_down_face:

I did a similar search last year which proved fruitless. I settled with Z-wave, using Minoston MP21ZD. Range is not stellar for my two applications. Maybe their MP31ZD is better, since it appears to be 700-series. I wish that I had better news.



And you win the prize. :slight_smile: Big bugger, but fits the requirements. Presumably stock generic Zigbee drivers will work w/it.

Thanks. lol. Kind of a unicorn and priced accordingly.

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This is what I did as well...have three of them, they have been reliable. I use the Eva Logik dimmable plug driver with them, AFAIK the Minoston/Eva Logik are cousins.

That is fabulous! Our "dumb" switches in our house are the Legrand Radiant line. Pricey but clearly better quality than the typical fixtures. Hopefully this is the same.

@JumpJump to the rescue!
Order placed.
They are indeed pricey. And to add insult to injury, it will take 3 weeks to deliver to Canada. Oh well.

Update: I received the outlets today. I'm sorry to report that i was not able to make them work.
It was detected by the hub, but the LED on the device stays red indicating it did not join the network :⁠-⁠(
I also looked on the package manager if there was a driver for this Legrand dimmer, but it did not.

Try using Generic Zigbee Outlet to start. Try resetting it and trying again near the hub.

Before I remove the Legrand WNP20 from my watchlist - any further progress? Or did this end up being boxed up and returned?

Actually i tried again a week ago and was able to make it work. It was a pain to connect, but it has been working for the last week.
I don't remember the exact sequence to make the pairing succeed. I did a first pairing, then changed the driver to Generic ZigBee Dimmer & click Configure. It did not work so went back to Add Device (force dimmer reset by pressing both buttons). The pairing light on the dimmer would not stop; I either clicked On in the app, or paired a third time. But once it succeeded it was good. I was only 2 feet from the hub during pairing, but now used on the other side of the house.
It's the only ZigBee 3 prong plugin dimmer i have seen. Thanks JumpJump.
Hope that helps.

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Yup. A Prime Day deal would have helped also, but only so much in your control :slight_smile:

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