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So I'm looking for a good motion sensor to detect a cat when it comes up to my door. I have several Iris V1 sensors but they give lots of false positives. I'm still experimenting with that trying different locations and such, but wondering if anyone has some recommendations for a different sensor. I looked at Iris V2 and Iris V3 but noticed they don't have any adjustable settings. The Ring V2 does have settings. Any thoughts?

I wouldn’t use the Ring sensors. They’re intended to be pet immune, and they’re slow. My cats are effectively invisible to them.

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The Hue motion sensors are expensive but have adjustable sensitivity and have a built-in lux-sensor. Also they run off of two AAA batteries which is nice and cheap. Also they have a magnetic attachment built in. But again they are quite expensive.

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Iris v2 definitely will detect cats. My entire motion setup with iris v2 revolves around not capturing cat movement. Not foolproof.. like when the Maine Coon jumps on top of the refrigerator :smiley_cat:

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What is the cause for the false alerts? Is this being used to detect the cat waiting at a door outside your home waiting to be let back inside?

I do not have the exact same use case but found even adjusting sensitivity settings depending on the position of the sun I would get false alerts using a motion sensor to detect people at my door. Also I have a porch swing so needed to take that in to account as well. I ended up using two motion sensors, one in the walk way to my porch with a straw to limit the field of view. A second motion sensor is pointed at my porch. Using motion aggregation I was able to eliminate most of my false alerts. (Can't remember having one, but I have Tasker pull up the camera on my phone so I am not out much if it is a false positive now that it is so reliable.)

I am using an Iris V2 and an Outdoor Hue.

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@Brandon Yes exactly- trying to detect a cat waiting outside to come in. How did you use a straw to limit field of view? Right now I'm trying having the sensor in the bottom of a large tapered fast food cup- and pointing straight down at the floor outside my door. Still getting false alerts- just fewer of them.

I took the cover off of the Iris Gen 2 Motion Sensor and made the hole a little larger to fit a shake straw before reassembling. Then I used a small amount of crazy glue around the straw after test fitting to secure it in place.
@mike.maxwell has a post somewhere where the idea came from as he uses them on his stairs.

The two motion sensors work together with the motion aggregation app and do a great job at letting me know when someone has come up on the porch, but does not alert when someone is using the porch swing or when sun hits the porch as the motion aggregation app ties both together requiring both to be triggered before alerting.

[Edit] Found the link where Mike showed off his inspiration. Motion sensor with second contact to create beam - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community

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