Looking for a mentor

Im looking for a mentor that will guide me through the complete setup process from setup to adding to making rules, tiles, dashboards etc. I have 20 devices z-wave and 50 insteon. Going to gradually replace Insteon for z-wave. Currently own a ISY but they can control z-wave but not as good as Hubitat. Since instoen is dead and have to resort to hubitat thought this would be a easy process like insteon or isy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hubitat is very complicated unless you know how to code. So Im looking for a mentor that can help me understand the process from start to finish. Seen some good youtube videos but none saying anything about parameter's or logic. I was able to set up 2 devices, have no clue of how to set up double tap, link devices, do and if or. Im sure this would help if I uploaded videos of step by step how to go from 2 devices to 70 and various programs functionality. I believe hubitat is the next best thing...but using it takes knowledge. Everywhere I read it the best but a steep learning curve. So Id like a well qualified mentor to teach me this and I will make demo video on how to do this. This way might eliminate forum questions.
Thanks in advanced for any offers

I think Hubitat is different but not as complicated as some might think, and you certainly don't need to know how to code, most users don't know.

The videos you've watched didn't mention parameters because once you include a device, the parameters are pre-configured based on specific class of device you add. If your device is capable of double-tap, it will show on the Device Details page.

To use devices and set up your first rules, I recommend exploring Basic Rules app, which can accommodate your basic to moderate automation logic.

Here is a document that could help you get started today, with the devices you've already added:



I'd also add that getting involved here in the Community by posting questions and interacting with different members is a better approach than a single person guiding you. There is a vast range of experiences across members, including the devices they use, the way they choose to set them up, how they configure their HE hub(s), etc. So posting questions and getting input with different points of view can give you different ideas and help others along the way.


I can't code one bit. And while I did have to adapt to Hubitat from at that time Wink, it really isn't all that bad if you take things in steps and don't expect to set up a whole house in a weekend.

I will back up what sburke781 says. The community is very helpful here. Any time you try something and get stuck, or just have a question about a method of doing something, you should post here.

The documentation mentioned by bobbyD above is good, but their video series is excellent. Check out their Youtube channel, which includes many topics including how to add a device, writing basic rules, using the built-in apps, and more. https://www.youtube.com/c/Hubitat/videos

I think you probably should start with the following videos and see if they help clarify things, or give you some starting point.


I think you should look at the basic rules app. This would satisfy 99% of things you need to do. Take your time.. Ask questions. I am no programmer and it is pretty straight forward.


Yes, please ask question. Just remember, as they say, there are no dumb questions, just dumb people who won't ask questions.


I'll echo what a few here have said. We have a great supportive community here. Those that can code do, and the share! That way those of us that can't code or have the time to can benefit from their efforts.


Start with your easiest rules, then gradually add complexity. If you have a rule idea that's too complex for your skills now, write it down and come back to it in a few weeks. Hubitat has a bit of a flow that you need to get used to, but once you have all the apps feel pretty similar. Learning that flow on the easiest automations will transfer to the more complex rules.

I'm far from tech savvy, but some of the things I've been able to introduce to my Hubitat with the help of the community blows me away. Ask lots of questions, you'll get lots of very helpful and detailed replies.


Wow this community is really nice and helpful. That's awesome, I asked for a mentor because the forum for the hub im leaving, would answer maybe in a few days if at all. They also have a huge following but seemed every question was a dumb question, glad to see this community is different. Glad to be here and Thanks again for everyone's feedback.


No dumb questions here... (mostly :rofl:) Chances are though your question has been asked a million times before (and we're glad to answer it again) Don't be afraid to ask, it's why we're here and even the experts around here (surly which I am not part of) ask questions because someone might have a different perspective on how to get something to work which will benefit the OP and the community as a whole.


You can easily reproduce your ISY rules in Hubitat Rule Machine.
The main difference is - you have to define Triggers separately.
Unlike HE, ISY has embedded triggers in the IF stament.

I wanted to emphasize that one absolutely does not need to know how to write code to be a happy Hubitat user. I, for instance, could not code myself out of a wet paper bag (if that’s even a thing :wink:).

It’s a very powerful tool, it has some very complex/advanced features, and the UI is in need of a refresh. But there are also features intended for less technically advanced users, as well as YouTube videos and recently updated documentation pages (some of which are linked to above).

It can take some time and effort to learn how to use the hub, but that’s true of many tools.

Thankfully, as you’ve already discovered, this community is great so you’ll find no shortage of help if you ask questions as needed :slight_smile:.


Ill agree the ui needs improvement for simple uses but give power users flexibility to test and run new code. Coming from udi it wa a simple dashboard notifications, trigger and timers etc in 1 dashboard. Seems now I have to go into each plugin to get the desired effect. Note this community thus far has never made me feel stupid or turned it around as if, if you dont know you dont belong. Its be a good journey thus far. Once I knew the ins and outs of udi would help out, but im still new and trying to figure things out with the help of the community, that for less words says are you stupid.... But thanks to everyone who has had patients and help me out this far. Without the community i would have sold this. I feel if a answer is a post away then they have a good product. Again THANKS TO ALL.


Please link video or wiki, I dont need a hand to walk me just a direction to follow. Im capable of reading or watching, unfortunately my youtube videos dont show as much as actually is out there. Kinda of annoying feel like im in Russia. He gave links that would not show up in youtube. Unless I clicked his link.

I love the positive attitude. Its not asking the same question a million times BUT if one does not spend some time researching it, which I do before I post then its dumb, but people have unique problems other wise there would not be a need for forums or great people with much more knowledge then us simple folks. For my issues its not getting (a complete video from start to finish) meaning... how do I add a phone so whats next ok need to set it up on device ok whats next go to this app and setup a rule now we have a button to send a test text etc. Hubitat is what I expected and much more. Its general videos add a phone so whats next. Its the egg or chicken came first. My biggest complaint is gui should have a even flow without switching apps for general devices. Then should be a advanced app that allows power users to tweak programs. Make it simple 1 gui and all aps built in another for those hard core users. Appeal to the masses but keep in mind for those that can custom build script and you have a well balanced tool.

Thank you as well, it may be too powerful for simple users which is why I suggest hubbatit break it up into users and power users. Make easy flow to set things up, track them and away you go and make another section to those who make tweeks while eating toast for breakfast.

I think your last statement is very nearly what the product already is: the majority of users can use the built-in apps, and advanced users can write (or use) custom code.

But like all things, it's probably more nuanced than that. :smiley: There isn't just one app you can use for all automations (but if you haven't caught on already, it may be helpful to know that "apps" are generally what performs automations on Hubitat, a distinction from "devices" that are just the things you add--and probably the two places you'd spend the most time in the admin UI). I'd suggest Rule Machine as a last resort if you're new, not because it is writing code (it exists so you can create most arbitrarily complex automations without needing to), but it still requires you to think like a programmer. If you don't find a built-in app that meets your needs (Motion Lighting is a good choice for motion-based lighting automations, Notifications is a good choice for automating receiving notifications on your mobile device, etc.), then Basic Rule might be a good start. You can even do some of these things in Basic Rule, but it might be more clicks than a purpose-built app--and you can "upgrade" it to a Rule Machine rule later if you want more power.

This should happen on recent hub firmware after you set up your hub--after the initial hub setup and registration wizard, you should land at a page that helps you add devices and then create automations with them using apps like Basic Rules. Not sure there's an easy way to get back there if you don't have anything to set up (or don't want to) at that point, though...

But just going to "Devices" (to set up a new device) or "Apps" (to configure a new app--any of the above and more) would be a good choice. They've also been making some changes to the page where you add devices recently and may continue doing so in the future, hopefully to make things easier. I'd suggest continuing to provide feedback--it's hard for people who've been using the platform for a while and are used to it to understand a new user perspective sometimes!