Looking for a good Z-wave dimmer module with repeating


I want to replace an old dimmer module with a Plus version (700 if I can find one). This older dimmer module is located in a position that the C7 Z-Wave router likes to make its first jump from the Hub. Consequently 6 devices are routed through this repeater. The current device is connected at 40Kps. I would like to have a Plus version replace this device and connect at 100Kps.

I tried the Minoston but it connected at 40kps.

My next I thought should be physically larger to have a better antenna. I was thinking of the EVA LOGIK device ZW-39 link

Does anyone have any experience with this as a repeater? Are there others folks have had good luck with?


Since you have the Minoston already, why not hold off on replacing it until you’ve tried the external antenna mod? Assuming you plan to try it.

I had this Neo Coolcam mini plug that connected at 9.6 kbps, and now connects at 100 kbps. No change in the location of either the plug or the hub, except for the great big antenna sticking out of the hub :smile:

I hadn't decided to do the antenna mod. The current hub location is on top of a bookcase with 7" above it (then ceiling), I believe not enough for the +9dbm antenna.

The Minoston did not connect at 100kps when near the hub (about 10 feet) so I'm a little disillusioned with them.

Also my system is working fine. I just had a hankering to play with it and saw a key routing device was not a Plus unit.

FWIW, mine is at a 30 degree angle ..... it is behind my entertainment center, and I didn't want the antenna to be seen.

I missed this part.