Looking for a better smart switch

I am currently using Leviton Decora smart dimming switches (DZ6HD) for my house but I have a few issues with them and I want to explore other options available. I really like the rocker switch design and don't want anything like the Lutron ones. I need 3-way capability and able to dim and set the min dimming level. I can do that all with the Leviton ones but I haven't been able to figure out custom gestures like double clicks or click and hold. I don't believe they are capable of that so if you know any switches that are, I would appreciate a response. Thanks!



Thanks, I looked these up and it seems like a solid option. Unfortunately I can't find them in stock. Any idea when I can get them?

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you can try ebay but everyone is short of supply right now. You can also look at Zooz

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The new GE/Jasco Embighten switches also allow double click and hold/release. I purchased some a few weeks ago. They seems to be working pretty well.

I have been using GE/Jasco switches for about 10 years now. I have had a batch start going bad as I have had to replace probably 5 or 6 over the last year or so. They were all switches I purchased at Lowes back in my Iris days. There are still some working but looks like 8 to 10 years is about the average life of these things.

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Gotta be honest, I have Lutron's older than those. (around 12 years) Still going strong. They're just tanks.

I was looking at those too but I couldn't get an idea if I could make my own multi click macros. I like the simple design over the Innovelli and they would end up cheaper with the repeater switches.

Zooz looks like a better choice than the Jasco after some research. I can't figure out the difference between all of the switches through. It seems that the newest ones are the 700 series and I would want to get the Zen72? That has dimming and scene control?

I've tried to order Inovelli several times since they started and have never found what I wanted in stock. But their supply chain issues are now particularly severe.

Inovelli is saying that they are being told not to expect 700 series Z-Wave chips until 2023, one of their dimmer switch parts has been discontinued, etc. In their words, "not looking good at all for Z-Wave in 2022."

They are actively working on Zigbee products to fill the void.

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All the newer v4+ Zooz switches have this functionality - 7x indicates the use of the 700 series chip. I have both Zen23/24 and Zen73/74 which is the "toggle" style switch at my house. The other nice feature is "smart bulb" mode which allows you to decouple the physical switch from the load but still track events.

Also these drivers for Zooz rock!

edit: The difference is the chipset and how the 3/4-way works.. take a look at the install docs to see if one series would fit over the other. Also make sure the power requirements work as well. Do not use these for bathroom fans - use Jasco/GE switches.


Ok so I just ordered a bunch of Zen72 from https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/ since they were on sale for $24 each. I saw the battery powered repeater switch but they don't save much money. I'm completely remodeling my house and doing my own wiring and I'd rather not use batteries anyway. I still run all the 3 ways with 3 wire for compatibility. Thanks for helping me choose :slight_smile:

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