Long time for light turn on

Since I switched from my c5 to my new c7, I have seen a long delay (3+ seconds, sometimes more) to turn on/off lights based on door opening.

It is a Zooz light switch and strips contact sensor using simple lighting to turn on/off. The rule machine triggers for on but the switch turns on later. Any ideas? My brother is also seeing this with a similar setup.

rule logs:

device logs:

It is a Zooz 26 version 2 on firmware 2.1


Just tried it again, it has now been 3 minutes and it has completely failed to turn on


could be the bug with the battery operated contact sensor.. try changing the type to rink v1 contact

I will try to find that driver, however, the logs I posted above show the rule triggering and then a 3 second gap to turn on. The rule would only trigger if it got the response from the contact sensor, so it looks to me like a delay in the switch itself.

Pretty consistently from what I saw, the rule was triggering but the light took anywhere from 1/2 seconds to 10 or sometimes more seconds to actually turn on

Changing it to the Iris v1 contact (which I assume is what you meant?) caused it to not work at all

Actually I think he meant the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor v1

Interesting, that one seems to be consistently better, but still the occasional longer time. I will have my brother switch too and see if that improves things there as well

Did the same switch respond quicker to the same exact rule on C5? Have you tried including it without security (all security boxes unchecked at inclusion)?

Yes, the same switch responded quickly with the same rule on the c5. It is currently included without security (those logs are without), though that didn't seem to make much difference

This sounds like a difference in processing of the commands between the 2 hubs. The switch wouldn't behave differently on 2 different systems. If it was causing the delay, it would cause it on C5 as well. If it responds quickly to regular on/off commands from the hub then we'd recommend trying a different rule or smartapp to see if it manages communication between all of the devices more efficiently.

It uses the built in simple lighting automation, are there other suggestions for what to use?

I'm not sure how the smartapps are built and what's different between C5 and C7 so it's more of a question for Hubitat but maybe trying Rule Machine would have some effect?

Rule machine was no better. I Can try looking for other third party ones...

It could be a bum mesh on the new hub. I'd give it two days to settle and then run down the mesh rebuild check list.

If I control it from the device page, it turns on with margins I would expect (Appears basically instantaneous). The mesh has been sitting for several days at this point without modifications.

I was pretty careful when I assembled the mesh, I built it center out with powered devices, then included battery ones. I removed the last few devices that were not z-wave plus and the c-7 and no wifi integrations or zigbee.

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