Long term user experience - Nue Switches

Looking for long-term use reviews of the Nue Zigbee switches. Things like durability, reliability, any faults persistent or otherwise? Has anyone had them and changed them out for something else and if so why?

Steer clear of them. I've had bad experiences with them. And Kevin from 3aSmartthome wont replace them. They are not great repeaters and they failed pretty early on.


Thanks Mike, did you replace yours with something else?

Yeah, I went Tasmota DETA switches from Bunnings.

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I have two of the dimmers installed in my house. They have been mostly reliable. On rare occasion, usually associated with a power outage, they have needed to be reset by turning the physical switch off and on to get them to respond again, but even that is rare. I recently migrated them from the C4 hub to the C7 hub. While it was a challenge to get reset and into pairing mode again without physically climbing a ladder to get to them, I was able to do so. The two switches are installed in ceiling fans to control the lights. I wish there were a model that would control the fan also.


I purchased them in April, 2019 and they have been working since they arrived and I got them installed.

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I've been running 4 of them for about 18 months and haven't had any issues.

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People probably get tired of me saying it, but Lutron Caseta because they just work. 2nd would be Innovelli

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Are either of those certified for use in Aus though??

No sadly…. :cry:

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They are not zigbee switches, aren't they? How did you connect it with HE?


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