Long term stable and reliable Australian hardware (switches, sensors, etc)

From messing with a home and work HE system I have had a huge array of issues over the last few years with most of the hardware I have come across, so I would like to find out what hardware people are using that is rock solid.

My experience with xaiomi zigbee has not been great with hardware failures and drop outs with socket switches and sensors. I switched to aeotech smart switch zwave wall outlets which worked great for a few months untill I added more and had constant issues. I upgraded to a c7 which helped but never eliminated the issues. I also had their usb powered multi sensors of which some stopped sensing as well. I don't think I have had complete hardware failures but loads of intermittent issues and hours of frustration and network rebuilds/HE resets.

I have had good results with broadlink rm mini with an old driver that is no longer working, however there is a new one that looks great but I am yet to test it.

I have heard tp-link kasa wifi switches may be the way to go. At this point at least with Wifi I can upgrade my router and add more access points or build my own wifi mesh as I am not conviced a zwave or zigbee mesh is either reliable or easy to make reliable with 10+ devices on the same network.

There is no way I want to electrically hard wire anything in as I would not trust the reliability so I am mainly looking at add on and wall powered devices (less hastle, no batteries, manual mode still available) but feel free to let me know about any other reliable hardware.

Given the price of the TP-link switches I am looking to switch to those for my wall outlet control if reliability is good. Also I would like to automate my aircons with the RM mini and some sort of temp/motion sensor preferably not battery powered or use sensibo system which aparently works well with HE.

Currently I have about 20 devices, mostly wall switches, motion sensors, IR sender and remote switches just to control lighting and my projector AV system which as mentioned has issues.

Ultimately it would be great to have a community validated/rated list of models/manufacturers that have known good reliability as this has been my biggest problem and I am sure it would help new users too.

I can vouch for the Kasa / TP-Link switches, best performing part of my setup.


Xiaomi sensors work great for me. For repeaters compatible with them use ikea or tuya USB repeaters or roll your own with the sonoff dongles. Also avoid the smarthings (now made by aotec) zigbee plugs like the plague. Not sure about bulbs as I have all mine running through hue.

I've heard others have complained about the Xiaomi Devices I've had GREAT luck with them. Sense the USA and AU devices are on the same frequency band I'll guess country requirements are not an issue.

However I believe my Zigbee mesh is super strong because I have 5 repeaters. The reason for the multiple repeaters is because I have been making custom (for my use) sensors using Zigbee boards based on the TI cc2530. These boards are NOT battery operated so they act as repeaters.

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