Long term experience with Zooz switches (Zen27 and Zen30)

I installed these switched in neighboring rooms some time ago. Since I first installed them I have had issues. Every couple of weeks I will go to use one or the other and it would just not respond - either turning on locally but not being picked by the hub and/or not even working locally.

At first I thought it was partially the distance from the hub as these switches are on the second floor, so when I upgraded my C8 to a C8Pro I took the old C8 and installed it in the attic to dedicate it to the second floor. I moved all other z-wave devices in the are onto the new hub to create a reasonable mesh. But still issues.

I then attempted to update firmware. After several tries the 27 did take the latest version. The 30 failed multiple times and I gave up. The update on the 27 didn't seem to make a difference.

The issues fall into two categories:

  1. Not working locally, in which case I usually have to air gap the switch and it is fine. It has gotten bad enough that I keep a small screwdriver near the switch and my spouse knows how to do it. This seems to afflict the 27 more than the 30.

  2. Working locally and not getting picked up by the hub. This is not an issue with the MESH. It won't work even after repeated attempts. However I have learned that if I hit the Configure button and then refresh, the switch magically gets picked up by the hub.

I am assuming there are plenty of folks running these switches with no issues but thought I would check to see if anyone has any suggestions before I pull them out and replace with Lutron. Of course replacing the Zen30 means widening the gangs as I will need to put two switches in.

I haven’t had any issues with my Zen 30, but previously had a lot of weird occurrences with multiple Zen 77s. Not responding to button presses and having to press again, sending a button 1 push exactly every 1 minute when nobody was home (happened on more than 1 Zen77). For me the problems went away with firmware updates, but, except for the Zen30, I only use them as button controllers for Hue lights. With the multiple iterations of these in 700 and 800 series chips, your experience may be different.

I have Zen 27's and one 77. Years ago a 27 would come on at night. A simple factory reset and rejoin solved this problem. Since then I've had no issues with any of them.

I don't keep up with firmware updates unless there is a issue or I'm doing something with that device.

I think twice in ~3 years I've had to power cycle one my zen30s (have 3) because it wasn't responding, other than that they're rocking. Running current firmware.