LogsOff Pending.. Forever

Hi All,
I have 3 Jasco Z-wave switches controlling lights in the house. Two of the switches are on the far side of the kitchen from the HE - about 20 feet, the other is on the opposite side of the kitchen about 8 feet from the HE.

Of the switches on the far side: One of those switches works perfectly 99% of the time. The other works about 25% of the time. I've switched the switches and it still persists.

The switch that doesn't work well is bound (via bind app) to the overhead smartlights, as well as the switch near the HE.

I checked the device in HE and it has this all the time (the date changes):

None of the other switches have this entry.

So 2 questions:
1 - Why would this one switch have this entry?
2 - What information would be helpful in troubleshooting?

Thank you!

So that is supposed to turn DEBUG logging off after a period of time.

Are you turning debug logging on? If so, you would expect to see that.

If not, try turning it on, click save. And see if it then goes away like it is supposed to in 30 minutes.


This is happening to an ikea bulb i tried to get work but was only able to change its brightness and on/off. was trying to get it to change its temp.