Logs so slow, they're unusable

I have a C-7, version I've done the reboot with database rebuild, as the "check out this first" post recommends. That did not fix the problem.

The 'Logs' tab in the UI is so slow to come up, it's unusable. I can get to the "Past logs" tab from a device page, but all of the other tabs in the Logs UI are timing out, with a browser question whether to exit the page or wait for it to finish. I can't get to the Live logs, App Stats, Device Stats, etc.

I have another C-7 that I no longer use operationally, but which I sometimes try out updates, etc., on. That one does not have the same problem -- the logs page is quick and very responsive.

Try CTRL-Shift-R to reload your current browser page w/out using cached data. If that helps, then clear all cache/data etc., for the hub's IP address.

You can also try changing the network speed setting (Settings>Network Settings) - change Ethernet Speed between Fxed 100 and Auto negotiated and see if that makes a difference.

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:+1: Quite likely this is the issue.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. Clearing the cache didn't really help any, nor did changing the Network settings, but waiting 20 minutes did. After that, it's as snappy as before. Everything else in the UI is very quick.

It's worth mentioning that I have a lot of devices.

Let me correct that. After changing the network settings, it only needs 5 minutes to get ready for me.

I don't quite understand what you mean by your statements above...can you provide more detail?

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Sure. After clearing the cache, I brought the page up, and it was just as non-responsive. I waited for a while, and then went and made some coffee, checked on a few things. When I returned to my desk, it was working as I would expect it to.

Then, I tried the network settings, and started over, brought the logs page up, and it was still as slow. I wrote the first reply, saying it needed 20 minutes before it was fast again, but then it actually came back and was fast after something that was more like 5 minutes.

Does that clarify?

Never amazes me how weird stuff works sometimes .. been working with computers for 36 years .. and that's a new one on me! LOL :joy:

Thanks, yes, that's clear now.

I've had some similar UI lag problems on my C8-Pro w/the web UI becoming very slow or non-responsive. I haven't found a sure fix for it yet, and HE did not find anything unusual in my logs that stood out.

HE staff noticed I had one Matter plug (Tapo) that had gotten disconnected. It wasn't throwing any heavy error messages, but just to be sure I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it was back online. Then I disabled Matter and re-enabled it. Oddly, after re-enabling Matter my hub UI was completely normal again. Should not be any connection to doing that, and almost certainly coincidence, but that's what happened.

Since then I've had a couple instances of intermittent slow-downs, but overall it's been fine again.

It only occurs on Chrome - even other browsers built on Chrome (e.g., Edge) don't exhibit this problem. It does not occur w/my C7 at all, and it's sitting right next to the C8-Pro in the browser. :man_shrugging:

So for me, something going odd going on w/Chrome and the C8-Pro.

Your mention of browsers made me think and test... The problem is limited to Edge. Chrome on Windows is not nearly as slow, and Safari on MacOS has no problem at all. There's clearly something on that page that Edge takes forever to initially process, but once it's done, it's snappy.

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