Logs on Errors Only?

At the moment, my Hubitat and all devices are working normally. I also have Descriptive Text Logging turned off for everything.

This may be a dumb question, but if some error occurs either with Hubitat or a device, will it be reported in the logs?

This depends on the app or driver and the actual error. An app or driver can write anything it wants as an "error" (or any level of log), though typically it will do so when it encounters a major problem you'd want highlighted in this way. Given that these are typically major problems, they will usually do so regardless of what settings you do or don't have turned on.

The platform itself will also log Groovy error that gets thrown by the code that the app does not handle on its own (e.g., missing method--which for a driver is often a command that is not implemented or called with wrong parameters), as well as anything else it pinpoints on the app or driver (the event limit exceeded exception comes to mind, usually a result of runaway code). This will always happen regardless of any settings in the driver.

So, the short answer is "probably" for the things you care about, but the long answer is it most things are under control of the app or driver code (most built-in ones should work as you expect, but, in particular, community code can vary).

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Good to know. Thanks!

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