Logs, device events and db backup questions


I noticed the past log has a limited memory, but looking device events looks like there is a bigger memory use? That memory, it affects the size of the database? I seen my db increasing every day in the auto backups and I did not change anything, so I believe devices events are stored in the db? Any chance to have a tool to delete device events?


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Yeah any reason why device events are keep for that long?

The size column is in bytes. You realize your DB is just over 5mb? Nothing to be concerned with. Mine is 11 but I have 125 physical devices, 20 virtual, and a bunch of apps and rules.

I know my db is small, but it is increasing and I want to know if the device events is the reason and if there is a tool to delete those unnecessary events.

Not sure why some db are so small. Mine is 25 MB always. I don't have any apps. Mostly stock apps.

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This is why I want to know, I have everything working, why my db will be increasing if all is untouched? Do I have to wait until I get a 30MB db and then if I need to restore I will be restoring unneeded events? I can delete them if I had a tool and keep the db small, if the events is the cause of db increase.

My db is 180Mb.
We keep 1000 distinct attributes per device, a cleanup job rums every morning.
So the database size is primarily driven my the number of device events and the number of attributes produced.


Thanks Mike, now I can leave it alone, I just wanted to be sure the hub in some point will stop saving old events, but not when the storage was full !

180mb! Hmm, that blows my theory about the >20mb db causing the lock ups.


Well, I just realized whilst managing the dogs morning constitutional that that 180Mb db size quote was my average running db size. This is not visible to customers.

The db backups are compressed, my backup sizes average 16Mb
@doug, this doesn't mean I'm subscribing to your theory however...


I'd have to agree that the correlation is blown. I'm not crashing anymore, but my Db is as large as it's always been.

Been looking at this. My DB backups happen nightly, and they grow increasingly. They're up to 18MB compressed. Since the start of this month, my DB backup has increased by 4MB. But after a reboot yesterday, looks like the backup size went down a little (had to reboot, hub stopped responding reliably). =/

My backups are about 150mb and growing by 5mb per day.

I think something is being retained that shouldn't be.

It is what it is, wouldn't worry about it.

I am worried because it takes over 5 minutes to reboot the thing, and I can't help but think the two are interconnected.

This is one of those points where I wish you guys were more forthcoming with backend access to the device -- e.g. via ssh to review what is actually going on on the system.