Logitech Harmony Z-Wave Home extender

I have the Logitech Home extender and I was wondering if there is a way to have my remote control my lights, but I am not sure how to get it to sync up. select lights that I want controlled etc,

i do not have the remote with the light keys so i assume I have to use the screen, though I would like to ultimately use the color keys on the bottom?

Has anyone tried this, I assume there is a way to
Home Hub Extender (myharmony.com)

Pretty sure that device is intended to pair directly with your z-wave devices.

Is your goal to exclude z-wave devices from Hubitat and join them to harmony’s z-wave controller?

Yeah I assume that also, I don't know if there's a way to make it a secondary controller.

With that being said I would just like to be able to control some of my devices via that remote control

Have you read through the support articles at the link in your OP?

According to the linked article on the harmony support site, it can be added as a secondary z-wave controller.

It’s not super likely you’ll have a great experience overall by going that route, though.

Unless perhaps the devices you intend to pair to the harmony z-wave hub will only be controlled by the remote (but not by other Hubitat automations, dashboards etc).

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