Logitech harmony 890 pro remote with Z-wave

Hey Folks, I'm considering getting a Harmony 890 Pro remote with z-wave to be able to control a/v equipment, as well as lights with a single device. 1 device to lower the lights, turn on TV, set volume, pause DVR, etc.
I have a broadlink and know I can setup complex scenes, etc, but want a single device with a single button, so the WAF doesn't plummet.

Anyone know anything about this device? I had no idea Logitech had such a device and not sure if it will work as a secondary controller or via association to manage lights

as far as i know logitech is dumping all remotes.. if you can still get them i recommend this with the hub..

logitech harmony ultimate one.. with hub
or you can buy the remote and hub separately


Yes I was in the Logi forums and man, there are many really pissed off people. Logi claims they will continue to support Harmony without an end date. I know realistically that translates to "long enough for angry customers to STFU", but these remotes are unequaled in capacity & performance.
Haha, It's only 500USD on Ebay...and I already have one. It works great but the z-wave integration with 890 pro looks like it "might" integrate without yet another add-on app for integration


ya i have 3 between two houses.. i imagine they will work forever as long as you can get replacment batteries which i have in one of them and you dont change the devices you control.. that is when you would need their website and software to update it.. there obviously is a hubitat over the local net integration which i use since the alexa skilll got sketchy.. i still use alexa and have it communicate with the virtual switches in the hubitat integration to turn on or off my scenes etc.. there was some integration going in the other direction from the remote to controll devices in hubitat/smart things that i used for awhile but now just use alexa mostly..
nice to say alexa turn on my shield.. etc.

Use this as an excuse for a new tv! We bought a Samsung Frame and while I programmed my Harmony touch for it, it only gets used when we cannot find the small Samsung remote.

The onscreen integration with our Apple TV and Fire TV Cube has made the Harmony almost obsolete. All of us actually prefer the smaller and faster Samsung remote. Nice thing for us is the room where this is located has lots of light, so the small solar cell on the remote keeps it topped up as long as we remember to put it face down when we’re not using it.

If more new TVs adopt a similar onscreen navigation and easy integration with streaming boxes and external sound bars, I can see why the projected profits, versus the ongoing support costs didn’t add up for Logitech. I can also see that if they were still trying to make enough of these right now during this supply chain and component shortage mess, they would likely be digging an even deeper hole with the product lineup than they are currently in.

Bonus: The Frame is a great 4K TV and my wife is an artist, so the subscription to their online art and the fact that this fools many people into thinking it’s a painting when we’re not using it has resulted in off the chart WAF. And of course, the built-in sound on such a TV is terrible. Having such a clean installation with a bulky amp and old-school speakers with ugly wires wasn’t going to cut it. :wink: So we also bought a Sonos Beam to go with it! :smiley:

Take off your integrator hat and put on your Salesman hat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ya still old school 2 of the tvs ( the wifes and mine) both have yamaha receivers hard wired to 5.1 speaker systems.. at least the main lr tv goes through the floor into basement and back up to speaker locations..
but with dvd player, tv, (also a samung qn800 series .. nice tv) tivo romio, and either roku or shield , etc. there are still alot of devices to turn on and off at one time.. thus the harmony.

and my master bedroom tv is an older sharp acquos hd 70" flat screen which is till working really well. so why replace it? Most online content is only 720 or 1080p at best anyway.
the guest room is really old school with a 42" panasonic plasma , tivo, roku and no harmony remote. lol.

I get that. I’m cheap and don’t like to throw out good electronics, so this was a stretch for me as much as my wife. I have a use for our old 50”, and that made the decision even easier. I can imagine that most of us will have different TVs in 5 years ( which was Logitech’s original commitment for support). Regardless of what they commit to, I agree with @Rxich that this is likely a [waiting for everyone to STFU] move by Logitech. Most will ditch their old TV’s by the 5 year mark, and will have new TVs that will likely solve the problem that Harmony and other universal remotes were formerly handling.


Did you or anyone else ever get your 890 connected?

I have the Monster AVL300; based on googling, it is a rebranded Harmony 890 Pro.

These devices have internal Zwave, but do not have wireless LAN connectivity (ie the satellite "RF wireless extender" is not a Harmony Hub).

Is there some way to connect this system to the HE? Would doing so bring the entire HE down to the Zwave version of this remote?

Ideally I'd like this system connected to HE, without downgrading HE Zwave, and use the remote as a button controller. I think right now the remote acts as the overall controller of the connected zwave devices, and may communicate with the RF extender over zwave... I can't see a way to connect the remote as a HE device.

I only tested the remote itself. There is very little info on the Z-wave portion. IF it could be connected to HE, no it wouldn't affect the Z-wave + devices. I think someone here did a Harmony integration. IIRC the extender is joined to Harmony via Z-wave pairing, which I was able to do. There is a community integration but I think it's only for the elite.
A better choice is the remotec Z-wave to IR bridge, but even that is a kludge

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