Login attempts to the Kasa App - Emails from TP Link

I am getting blown up withe emails from TP Link regarding logins to the Casa App.

The email is below -

We noticed a login attempt from an old version of Kasa app on an unrecognized device. Since Two-Step Verification is enabled, you’ll need to update your Kasa app to the latest version to log in with a verification code.

If it wasn’t you logging in, someone may be trying to access your account. You can change your password to secure your account.

I don't use the Kasa App on my iPhone but did double check it this morning to ensure that I had the latest version on my phone...It is the latest version.

Is this a result of the Casa integration App that I am running on the Hub?

Maybe. You need to go to the phone app and disable two-step verification. That might cause this issue.


Just made that change on the App...Appreciate the suggestion.

I would suggest removing your login credentials from the Hubitat Kasa integration and using only local control. I removed mine a long time ago and it works perfectly still. Unless you have one of those particular devices that only work on cloud control.


Do i need to make any other changes or just simply remove my credentials from the Integration?

I am using the one and only Casa Item I own as an exterior light that is turned on and off via Simple Automation Rules.

Just remove them and it should stop trying to log in.