Logic problem

Is it me, or is Rule Machine incorrectly applying the Not condition? I'm trying to make this rule turn on a booster fan when the difference is outside +/- 0.5F of the comparison and turn the booster fan off when the comparison is within 0.3F.

Here the difference is only 0.4F and the the rule should do nothing.

Not a RM guy but won't this defeat your actions:

Rule Machine rules also offer two features (at the top of the main rule page) to pause/resume or start/stop a rule:

    Pause: Will prevent actions from running in response to trigger events and, if the rule actions are currently running, will pause at the current location until resumed.
    Resume: Un-does these changes, i.e., trigger events will now cause the rule to run actions like normal. If the rule actions were in progress when paused, will also resume at the then-current point.
        TIP: Rules can be paused and resumed from other rules (not just manually via these buttons!).
    Stop: Stops running rule actions and removes all schedules and subscriptions. For all practical purposes, this makes the rule as if it had never been initialized (via Done or Install Rule) in the first place, though the rule will remain installed.
    Start: Re-initializes rule (re-creates trigger event subscriptions or schedules, etc.). The internal state of the rule will be "reset" to resemble a newly installed rule, including resetting Private Boolean to true.

I'm not sure I'm following. If you are referring to the lines in red, those are disabled actions. I will disable actions sometimes when testing and trying new things so going back is easier.

I think I see what you were referring to. I had an empty pause rules line. I had removed the rule that this line was controlling and I had not cleaned up the "dead" stuff yet. I think it is just passed over since there are no assigned actions. Thank you for the input...

I did come up with this solution by nesting conditional statements.

I still believe there is an error in RM executing the "Not" of within a range to mean outside the range.