Logic error in Button Controller?

I am using a Pico remote to activate two garage doors controlled by a Zen17. Pressing any of the buttons 1, 2, 4 0r 5 will append a number after the variable lock - security string, which starts with a value of 0. So pressing the top button once will append 1 to the string making it 01, pressing the bottom button appends a 4 making it now 014. After pressing the correct buttons, then pressing the center button will raise the correct garage door if it is currently closed. Any time the center button is pressed, the variable lock - security string is reset to 0. This works properly for both doors, opening when the proper code is entered and pressing the center button.
However, if the center button is pressed while the variable lock - security string is 0, should close the doors if they are open. This is not working properly, as only one of the door closes. What do I have wrong in my logic?

Here is the button that does the heavy lifting in a more readable format (I think.)

Looks like those actions should work, though perhaps someone else can see something I'm missing. Since you said only one of the doors closes, my guess is that maybe one of the contact sensors isn't reporting as open, which means the "On" action for (presumably) that door/opener won't happen.

My suggestions:

  • Enable logging for this button rule (Button 3 pushed)--at least Action logging, but anything else doesn't hurt
  • Check the contact sensor itself, making sure Hubitat "sees" the open/close events when they happen; if that doesn't work, you rule, of course, will not either
  • Extra tip: it appears you have the "Display current values?" option turned on, and it may be helpful to leave that turned on because then your logs will also show the true/false evaluations of the individual conditions (I'd look at these sensors in particular) and the entire expression (the IF...).

You pointed me in the right direction. Thanks! It was the tilt sensor on the one garage door. My logic was correct after all. Stupid batteries....


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