@gopher.ny I believe that you've been working lately on logging, so hopefully you're the right person to aim a couple of logging feature requests if possible?

In a fast flowing ZigBee network you can often get multiple instances of a driver executing simultaneously. This means that the log entries from each instance aren't guaranteed to be in order of execution, which can make it difficult when debugging to ascertain which instance output which log line.

It would be helpful at a platform level for two things:

  1. Colouring the log lines per instance to differentiate them
  2. Adding an identifier that can be clicked (like the "dev: 133") link that can filter to that particular instance

I've got a way of doing both the above in a fashion in driver code and it's really useful, I think it would be beneficial at the platform level if possible.

Example from one of my drivers:

You can see that there are at least three instances of that driver executing concurrently (three ZigBee packets receive in rapid succession). Without the colouring it would be very difficult to tell which packet logged which line!

The "logID" is per instance, so it lets me copy and paste it into the search bar and filter to that instance.

Hope you'll consider those as possible improvements to the platform :slight_smile: