Logging of Free OS Memory

Does anyone know how to use the Google Sheets logging to pick up the free OS Memory?
(For later graphing and analysis - for those of us who don't use Node-RED)

  1. Logging into a created Google Sheets:
    Activity monitor - logs in google sheets

  2. Find out the current free OS Memory:

If you can wait until 2.2.4, there is a URL that returns full memory use history since last boot, in 2 minute intervals. I built it for myself, and I use Google Sheets, so copy/paste or IMPORTDATA becomes trivial. Data format is CSV.

Also, we found that amount of memory reported by 2.2.3 can be misleading. It does not consider memory used by OS for disk caching, so it's possible to see very low values while there's actually plenty of memory available. Up and coming 2.2.4 corrects that.



That would be fabulous!
Thanks very much for hearing our requests....

Hopefully. It self-purges after a while, so it doesn't get out of control (and use all the memory/storage itself)? :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Any chance to share that URL?

It's http://hubs.ip.address.here/hub/advanced/freeOSMemoryHistory