[Logging] Is there a way to disable logging? RM5 possible bug

Just started re-building basic rules to RuleMachine, and notice that allot of debug info comes up in the logging.
Is there a way to disable this logging when you are not debugging?
Did not find a toggle anyware.

nb, Yes, I do not have any logging toggle engaged in the rule:

Unchecking those boxes should allow you to turn off the logging.

Maybe try checking all of them, hit Done in the rule. Then go back in and uncheck them, and hit Done again?

Also, I would think Bruce will want to know which version of RM this is, Legacy or RM5...

Tried your suggestion, did not work.
Using RM5

Is this all your rules, or just the one?

Either way, it shouldn't be doing this. @bravenel

Just have three rules ported, so not sure.
I did see that thus only seems to ocur when using Predicate Conditions in a rule.

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