Logging for built-in Notificaitons App

Is there a way to enable logging for the built-in Notifications App? I can't seem to find it.

I'd like to be able to go into the logs and see if/when certain Notifications were activated.

Go under devices, go to your phone (will be listed as mobile device) click enable description text logging) should do it

Thanks, but isn't that only for notifications that get sent to the phone? Notifications can get sent other places. I'm looking for logging of triggers, actions, events for the Notification APP itself.

For example, in Rule Machine, we have this:

And in Simple Automation we have this:

And in Motion Lighting we have this:

And pretty much all the other Apps seem to have something similar, but it seems to be missing from the Notification App

Ahh I see... I was thinking the phone app (my reading comprehension has been off lately)

Maybe this is something @bravenel can answer

If you open the App Status page for Notify (gear icon), and click on Events, you can see a log of what it's sent.

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No data. What next?

You are in the wrong app. It's the child "Notify" that has the events.

Thanks, got something now :slight_smile:

Would still be nice to have a bit more info like what triggered it (multiple doors, each with its own sensor) and what was notified. Is there a reason there is no "Enable Logging" for this particular app like other apps?

What kind of notifications are you sending? My logs show the text sent.

Just show the app in question.

Speech device.

Also, I don't appear to be getting events on a different notifier for the Fridge door ... which gets triggered a lot more often than the garage door.

Did you perhaps change this at some point? Did it once have text but then you switched to audio? If so, remove it and recreate it. That's what it looks like from the events you showed. Or, post its Settings from App Status page.

BTW, the Events show exactly what would be logged if it had logging.

No. Its a new notification I just recently set up

Well I guess I was assuming there would/should be more info than just "notified" :grinning:

For example, since the settings allow the monitoring of multiple contact sensors it would be nice for the logging/events to specifiy WHICH sensor activated it and also WHICH sensor (or next event) that stopped it

I can see now that there is a bug. I will fix that and add logging for next release.


That's awesome, Thanks! :+1:

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