Log timestamp changed. A specific event is different today from yesterday

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Title is probably not helpful.
What I observed and cannot understand is:

Yesterday I copied data from the log to excel
Today I copied the same data from the log and the time stamp is different.
See yellow below


Now I doubt the 6 milliseconds will matter to my data :slight_smile: but I do find the difference odd.

Perhaps it is converted each time the logs are accessed and the conversion has some variability?

Hmm... Could be caused by clock drift...

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I'm assuming a log entry is a piece of data stored somewhere in the hub. To drift with the clock the data would have to be somehow related to the clock each time the logs are loaded. I don't see how that can happen in logged data.

Fair enough... Thinking about it more a process could have been running at the same time and the log entry was delayed by milliseconds.

There is hub time -> browser time translation involved using Moment JavaScript library. This is most likely an artifact of that translation.