Log loading feature request

The ability to limit the logs and load more is a nice feature, but it would be nice if we could load more data at the top of the page, or at least have a way to select how far back in the logs we want to look. This request I put in back in May is even made more critical with the new load log feature.

If I open past logs and want to look for data from a particular app, first I must find the app in the jumbled up list at the top. Now that the list is limited if I can't find it I now must scroll to the bottom of the page click more data then scroll back to the top and look again. This is especially tedious on a phone.

Maybe I am missing something that would make this task easier.


Perhaps a link to a specific App or Device's logs from the app or device page would also be useful, allowing you to navigate from that directly to logs specific to that item...?

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I just noticed there is a search function in past logs now. This makes finding something in the log much easier. I hope that wasn't there all the time and I just missed it. Anyway the search takes care of this issue for me.

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