Locking 'Mode Manager' App or Specific Mode


I've searched around and couldn't find anything on this. Is there a way to lock the 'Mode Manager' app or lock the hub mode?

Example: I decide to go to bed early at 10PM and set 'Sleep' mode. Mode manager automatically sets my modes based on time and I wake up to go to the bathroom and the lights turn on.

Is there a way to lock the mode without this happening?

I really like the feature of modes based on time, so I don't want to change that but open to any suggestions and help.

Should be able to manually set it to the next mode as it doesn't do a continual check - just at the times set and at restart normally IIRC.

Yes, youโ€™re right, however, Iโ€™m asleep. I thought there could be a way to set a private Boolean or something but just trying to see if I have any other options besides doing it manually.

I'm probably being dense this afternoon, but what is the difference between manually setting some sort of switch or variable, or manually setting the mode?

OK, I'll use a different example lol. Let's say my wife has a really bad migraine and decides to go to sleep early (around 9pm) and sets the mode to SLEEP. Well, when 10:15pm rolls around, the Mode will change to WINDING DOWN and if there's motion in the bedroom, the lights will come on.

Does that help? lol

You're needing to go more than 1 mode out then. Easiest way to accomplish might be to set up a virtual switch or variable and then a rule that says if the mode changes check the switch/variable for a mode override, and change the mode from the rule to the desired state.

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Thank you! I will do that. Makes sense. Really appreciate it!

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