Locking locks with a presistant rule

Yes, now it makes sense :slight_smile: I don't know how often those readings change, but why don't you use a repeating schedule?

I could only find "certain time" not a repeating schedule as a trigger

Sorry to hear that. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your workaround rule stays working.

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@markus found it. I'll give every 5 minutes a shot.

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I had to go look for what it is called, I only use RM for very simple rules. Great you found it :slight_smile:

much simpler (K.I.S.S) :kiss:

I'd still keep the mode change trigger there as well. That one makes a lot of sense. Don't forget about the other triggers in case this doesn't work, maybe the random intervals are what is needed to solve the random door lock issues? :wink: Joking aside, probably best to keep additional randomness out of it, these issues sound hard enough to diagnose as is.

Yeah I got a Z-wave toolbox and I can see the command being sent fine, then not at all. 1 minutes it can ping them than it can't. No matter which device it gets routed through same result. Very irritating.

I have another Schlage on the front door, and it works better but none of the 3 locks (1 Yale which is better still) have been great since the move to HE. :frowning:

That must be very frustrating, whoever comes up with a universal solution will be the hero of everyone!
Has anyone done a full analysis of the differences between one platform that works well and another that doesn't? I mean signal propagation, commands sent etc?

This seems to working ok, however 5 minutes is way too long to wait. I changed it to every 15 seconds.

Question: Is there a point at which these "checks" will overload the hub and create a problem?

I would happily pay someone for a solution!! This is the only thing keeping me from really selling HE to my clients (I cannot sell someone an automation system that cannot reliable lock the house). I hate to resell ST because of the delays, and aggravation it has. So right now I have to offer either and explain both systems and the limitations each has. :man_facepalming: I was hoping HE would be my silver bullet :frowning:

Did you look into using the Reliable Locks app? It may not suit your needs but it's worth a look.


I did and it didn't help. :cry:

The app seem to "refresh" the status, but not resend the command to lock. This was at least what I saw over the a couple weeks of use.

EDIT: I am going to post in that thread to see if the app can be adjusted to send a command, watch to see if the lock changes, and if not send again until it changes correctly.

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I'm at work and don't have time to really give this thought but the method you're using doesn't seem right to me. Every 15 seconds is overkill in my opinion. Also, what is going to end up happening is someone is going to open the door and then shut it only to slam the deadbolt against the door frame. You should really include a contact sensor in this and only lock the door if it is closed. Just my two cents. :money_mouth_face:


Any cents make good sense! I am at my wits end with these locks so any advise is helpful. I have a contact senor on one of those doors so easy to do, and not hard to add. The rule only locks doors when the house is set to "Away" or from 12-5am "Night", so the chance of someone opening a door during those times is low (acceptable level).

When your standing outside in the cold/rain with arms full of $#!^, and a door that won't unlock, 15 seconds is a lifetime! :wink:

I also posted at Reliable Locks to see if that app could include a "resend on failure" feature.

There HAS to be a way to make locks work reliably in HE!! We need more brain power :brain: on this problem!! :man_scientist::woman_scientist:

This isn't going to be much help to you and I'm sure people are sick of me saying this but....

I could not get my Schlage locks (older firmware) to work with HE. I have four of them in service and another in a box. I ended up moving them to Ring and use the Unofficial Ring App on HE for integration. I have not had a single issue with a lock not responding in over three months. Not even one time. My point is this could be an option for some people.

I hope this will be the last post I ever make about Schlage locks. :man_shrugging:


What does this have to do with HE integration? The lock should work independent of a controller.

My Yale is not super reliable in HE either.

Why can seemingly every other hub handle locks reliably, but not HE? HE seems better in every way, but this a MAJOR downfall!

Good to know. I guess the same could be said of putting them back on ST, but I am REALLY trying to have a 1 hub solution for automation. I know I could "make it work", but I am also trying to find a system I can resell/deploy/maintain w/monthly service fee. All with a strait face and without get endless angry phone calls. If I have to hodge podge the dang thing to make it work, that is not a great sales pitch.

I use the locks in conjunction with presence sensor and cell phone Geo fence. Pretty basic, when I come home unlock the doors. If the lock does not get the command from HE, the lock stays locked, and the door cannot be opened. I am stuck outside with all my work gear in hand. I have to set my stuff down and enter the code/key. Yes it works but does that defeat the entire point of automation?

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Could this be the solution??? downloading with :crossed_fingers:

Point taken. I personally would never tie unlocking my locks to presence. I do this to lock them but not the other way around. My locks worked reliably on ST when ST was up and running.

The solution for me (for Schlage locks) was to leave the locks on ST where they work properly and use HubConnect to bring them into HE. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like HE will ever get there with door locks unless you switch them all out to Zigbee locks.

The ST "fix" for Z-Wave locks almost guarantees other traffic will be dropped when they reboot the Z-Wave radio. Hubitat is sticking with their approach (which I prefer) of not dropping traffic for other Z-Wave devices.