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I am in the process of migrating from Hubitat to SmartThings after experiencing too many issues with Hubitat (won't get into that here) and the biggest complaint I hear about ST is the outages. I'm looking at the Hub Link app and wondering if I link ST with HE, would it give me local controls for ST?

It sounds like this was intended for use during the migration from ST for HE but I'm wondering if it could be used permanently to utilize both hubs (HE as a local backup). Hoping someone that has experience with this scenario can give me some more insight.

I am not 100% sure and somewhere else here may over rule me, but to my understanding, if your devices are connect to ST radios then you can only control them via ST. HE would have to make a request to ST via hub link, but ST would still need to talk to the device to control it, so in an outage HE would ask ST, but the device would not get the command.

If you connected the devices to HE radios then linked to ST you would have "local backup", but I am not sure if your "issues with HE" would be present, or not when accessing devices via hub link in ST.

If the code for the automation lives in ST then it will be cloud based and will rely on the ST cloud to run, regardless of whether the device is connected to Hubitat or to the ST hub.

The big difference is where the code for the automation lives, not where the device is connected. If the device is connect to ST and the automation lives in ST then there is no need to use hub connect.

So if the devices were in ST and to HE presented via hub link, but all rules/dashboards were in HE would it work? maybe that would fix my @#$%^ locks!

Would it work? Yes. Would it rely on the ST cloud? Yes. Would it be subject to all of the outages and lags on the ST cloud? Yes. Would it be local control? No.

HAHA. Yes, that's the #1 reason I'm in the situation. If the locks worked I wouldn't be leaving Hubitat. It's not the only reason but the biggest factor and definitely the most frustrating. Anyways, I won't beat that dead horse. Sounds like this won't work and I'll be at the mercy of ST outages.

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Yes, if that is where your devices are connected, then they will rely on the ST cloud for the app to connect to Hubitat. If your devices are connected to Hubitat but the automation lives in the ST then that will live in the ST cloud and that will make you subject to cloud outages. Part of the trade-off if you decide to go with ST for any of your setup.

Lights not turning on and off properly in ST makes me never want to go back. I cannot recall how many times I had to flip a breaker before going to sleep.

@tobyp24 For locks I have created a rule to check lock status against modes and it seems to be working well. If it finds a lock not correctly set it will keep making request until the lock is set correctly. Still doing some fine tuning, but it is better than checking my dash every couple minutes.

Best of luck with yours :four_leaf_clover:

You may want to search the Hubitat forums for posts on how SmartThings "fixed" communications with Z-Wave locks. Be aware that it likely causes dropped Z-Wave communications to other Z-Wave devices.

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