Locked out of hub variables

I cam across this and a reboot didn't fix it.

We are putting out a hot fix release that will correct this issue. In the meantime, your best bet is to restore a database from before this happened.

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would I be ok just leaving it till the fix? I don't really need to get into them right now. I made a lot of dashboard changes since last backup and really don't want to loose it all.

Yes, this should be cleared up when the fix comes out.

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Just updated to 2.3..0.113. When i attempted to open a RM5.1 routine, I received this error:

........ and here is the offending statement that ties to the Error message.....

I have rolled back to previous version and my backup. All is good with that release for me.

Please do the following:

  1. Post a screenshot of the rule.
  2. Turn on Action Logging
  3. Run the actions of the rule.
  4. Post a screenshot of those logs.

Ok. Here is the whole rule set from

and the resultant log from the last execution....

Let me know how else I can help.

Update. My issue is also reproducible in I have been able to narrow it down to rules that reference text files as variables ( example %/local/filename%) . I have more that one rulesets where I use this construct. They are all having this issue i.e. throwing the Unexpected Error when opening the ruleset.

I will investigate further...

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Update. I was able to employ a workaround. As this issue is specific to referencing %local% file system variables, I was able to set a hub string variable to the contents of my text file and then reference that hub variable in my log/send/speak messages. Once I did this I was able to successfully update to a post release.