LockCode Encryption

I just successfully paired two Schlage BE469's with Firmware 8.0 without any incident and first time. I've successfully installed Lock Code Manager and successfully added 2 users with PIN to each of the locks. I have a question as it relates to the device details of the locks. I notice a preference for "lockCode Encryption" which is set off by default. I also noticed in the logs that setting the lock codes was in plain text. I can't find any documentation on what turning lockCodes Encryption "on" will actually do. Can someone please shed some light before I enable this? Thank you.


Turning encryption on encrypts the lockCode data that is visible in current states and events, obscuring the data from casual prowlers.
Encrypted data can only be decrypted on the hub it was encrypted on obviously.

Thanks Mike! I noticed after I refreshed a lock after adding PIN codes that the codes were visible, turning this on will be beneficial. Appreciate the quick response!