Lock status incorrect (reporting locked when unlocked)


I noticed last night (in the middle of the night actually) that, while hubitat was reporting that my front door was locked, it was actually unlocked. I was trying to lock it from alexa but it wouldn't lock because hubitat already thought it was locked. I had to get up and lock it manually.

Incorrect state events are bad, but with locks they seem doubly bad. How does this happen and how can I prevent it in the future?

This is a yale lock showing up as a generic z-wave lock btw. Locks and Garage Doors is set to "secure join", and z-wave status is set to enabled.

Oh hmm... just found this:

There is also multiple upon multiple posts available regarding zwave locks

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I'm having the same problem. Lock status reported incorrectly when manually lock or unlock. Reliable Lock app is not helping. Any solution as of today? @bravenel Bruce, any help?

You need to show screenshots of what is going on. Look at the Events on the device page for the lock. What driver are you using? What kind of lock is it? Etc.

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Thanks for responding Bruce. I'm using Danalock with Generic Z-wave Lock driver. There is really nothing to show on the device events log because there is no loggong from locked to unlocked or vice versa when manually operating the lock. Is there any other log or debug info that I can get for you? Just point me in the right direction. I'm pretty desperate to get this working as I am using automation to lock the door when I am away and with dashboard showing locked when it is actually not, is a big concern for me.

Sounds as though the lock is not properly joined to the network, otherwise it would have events. No events = dumb lock.

  1. Can you control the lock from the device page?
  2. Was the "Generic Z-wave lock driver" automatically picked when you paired the lock, or did it join as a generic z-wave device and you changed the driver to the z-wave lock driver? If it is latter, I suggest hitting the "Configure" button on the device page 2-3 times.
  3. If none of this works, then I suggest proceeding as suggested by @bravenel.

The lock can be controlled from the device page with no problems at all. Device events shows locked and unlocked accordingly. Only when manually operated, the status will be out of sync and therefore, the device events will be out of sync too. But, if you hit refresh in out of sync situation, it will sync the status to physical status and can then be operated from device page again.

I know this can be argued as the device firmware not reporting status when manually operated but this lock came from SmartThings that was working flawless (with custom DTH, of course)

Hi @aaiyar

  1. Yes, when status in sync. No, when status out of sync (requires hitting Refresh a few times to sync before it can be operated from device page again)
  2. Device joined as generic Z wave device. I had to pick the driver. Hitting Configure was done after changing device driver.

Thanks for asking

You may need to port that driver over. It's clearly not working with built-in driver.

Aww... I'm not groovy enough :sob::sob:

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