Lock question

I'm going to be moving to an apartment. It's there a lock device that uses the existing lock and operates the dead bolt

There's the August Smart Lock Pro.


But I have never used one so I make no claims over how easy/difficult it is to connect or keep connected. There are many stories about them up here on the forum though.

Or you could use the Kwikset convert kit. It replaces the inside part of the deadbolt but keeps the outside part the same. Then you'd just have to re-install the old inside part when you moved. But the keyed part of the lock would be identical. You'd have to check with your landlord if that would be okay but I can't see why they would have a problem with it.

Does anyone know if the Amazon smart lock conversion kit will work?


It's zigbee, and mounts to the inside of the door only. Surely lock/unlock should work?

@ogiewon - any thoughts?

I have three of them on order from the Woot.com deal a few days ago. Once I have them, I will report back on my findings. It is my understanding that they should work via Zigbee.

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Well I'm here and have seen the lock. August doesn't look like it will work.. the door handle automatically unlocks the dead bolt and the plate inside includes both dead bolt and knob. :woozy_face:.

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