Lock is not working

I use hubitat in my airbnb and I have been having issues for a while with my smart lock and lock code manager, but it always seems to start working after some time. This time I am not able to delete that last guests lock code, nor set the incoming guests lock code. I keep getting an error that the job failed. I have changed the locks batteries, tried deleting it from the device manager, and all attempts have failed. If anyone has an advice please help, this is really frustrating!

I am using C5 version2.3.5.131


Does code management work directly from the lock’s device page?

Have you tried power cycling the hub?

It does not, and I've rebooted the hub, and reset the lock as well.

Was this a power cycle? Meaning did you remove power from the hub for ~30 seconds?

So changing codes at the lock's device page itself doesn't change or delete codes even after resetting the lock? Likely a problem with the lock itself. If the lock isn't saving, adding, deleting codes from it's own device page, then LCM isn't going to be able to do it either.

I have never gotten this app to work on the first try.
I just added myself to an existing lock and it did it's usual thing.
I just keep banging away at it. :wink:

EDIT: Ha, you made me play with the app and I figured out that if the code is existing in the lock but not on the app's device check list and you try to add it will fail. Instead it should really say "Code already exists" and delete the job from the queue.
@bobbyD You also get an error changinh the Options|logs:
app:72023-05-04 13:45:32.498errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'user' on null object on line 462 (method codeManagement)

Fail logs don't really say much:
app:72023-05-04 13:34:49.370debugprocessJobs- try job:[1890_6:[code:xxxx, name:Roz/Colin, codeState:pe, retry:9]]

app:72023-05-04 13:34:49.367warnprocessJobs- job stuck:1890_5={code=xxxx, name=Floor, codeState=pe, retry=10}

app:72023-05-04 13:34:49.365warnprocessJobs- job stuck:1890_4={code=xxxx, name=Dave, codeState=pe, retry=10}

app:72023-05-04 13:34:49.363infogetLockCodesFromDevices- complete

Yes, I did a power cycle

Thank you for tinkering around. Definitely seems like the same issue I am experiencing. So there is a potential that the code gets saved to the lock and the app does not register that its saved and every subsequent attempt fails because the code is already on the lock.