Lock Codes as Rule Triggers

A valid lock code entered into my lock can either unlock the lock or lock the lock. These are two different scenarios that actually take place. Wondering if anybody can shed some light on how to define these two different scenarios as triggers in RM

I'm not aware of a lock that reports lock code usage when used for locking the lock, they all report codes when unlocking, but I've not seen a lock event with code supplied, I don't know if the drivers would report this since it's not something we have tested.

Unlocked is just a matter of having your condition in RM 4 be "Lock Code Entered" and the name of the user from Lock Code Manager. Keep in mind that you must enter the codes into the lock via Lock Code Manager. Existing code entered at the lock itself cannot be used for this.

For knowing if the lock was unlocked from the outside or from the inside, I submit the following suggestion...

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Some locks do report when they are locked digitally however.

But as Mike says, most of them don't report code used to lock. In fact, both my brands of lock (Yale and Schlage) lock when you hit any button on them when they're in an unlocked state.