Lock Code Manager

Ok, just selected the encryption option... I have codes loaded into the lock manually right now... So I'm on the device page and trying to download the codes in the lock..

dev:6782019-05-28 08:43:19.736 debugfetchLockCode- 1
dev:6782019-05-28 08:43:19.733 infostarting code fetch, trying to fetch code:1
dev:6782019-05-28 08:43:09.957 warnencryption is: true
dev:6782019-05-28 08:43:09.955 warndescription logging is: true
dev:6782019-05-28 08:43:09.953 warndebug logging is: true
dev:6782019-05-28 08:43:09.951 infoupdated...

That's it... Nothing happened... No codes downloaded... Nothing

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I don't think LCM can ever do anything with lock codes entered manually on the lock. It sounds like some issue with that Z-Wave Plus module not working completely with the lock itself if you were able to manage these locks with the old Z-Wave modules installed. Have you contacted Kwikset to see if they have any idea?

That could be an issue... I only have one module switched out for the plus right now... I played with two other locks and had to remove them from the system... Having problems adding them (original radios) back in...

It is my understanding that Lock Code Manager can only send the lock codes to the lock, it can not retrieve codes stored manually in the lock


This is correct. No lock allows their codes entered at the lock directly to be read bike external software.

Back to what @waynespringer79 said, if you cannot enter a code via the driver that you will never be able to enter it via lock code manager. You must resolve that communication issue first. If this is a Z wave plus module then it should pair securely. If it does not your lock is not going to work correctly.

Try excluding (General exclusion) and then include it again. Keep trying until you get it securely. Some people have to try several times with some locks.

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Please read this thread, as this appears to be the missing link in most peoples issues. New to Hubitat and having problems with Kwikset 914 z-wave

LCM manages lock codes encrypted or not encrypted, there is no requirement that any or all codes are encrypted or not.

This depends on the lock, all locks except Schlage will send any physical code adds or deletes to the driver.
Schlage does not send any resident codes to the driver when a user code report is requested, this is not a driver limitation, this is an implementation choice made by Schlage.
So for Schlage locks, all existing codes need to be deleted, then added back in via LCM or the driver.

In regards to LCM retrieving codes from a given lock, LCM uses the values in the lockCodes driver attribute.
It doesn't retrieve codes from the lock directly.


Thanks for the corrections, Mike. My apologies for spreading bad info.

Sooo... If I'm not getting results back from the device, that means I don't have the right connection, not the right driver, need beaming repeaters or the Z-Wave Plus module I added, isn't compatible with Hubitat...

I'm going to post the fingerprint again... Based on my other thread yesterday, it appears the same as other known working devices...

  • deviceType: 3
  • zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x72,0x5A,0x98,0x73,0x7A
  • deviceId: 566
  • manufacturer: 144

In my second attempt to move from ST to HE I started moving my locks today. I have 2 Schlage Deadbolts and 1 Yale Real Living Level Lock.

I FINALLY got my Schlage locks to work with LCM. My biggest issue there was I wanted 5 digit codes Schlage uses 4. I had to use the keypad to 1st remove all lock codes, 2nd change the lock code digit preference to 5 digits. Both changes MUST be made on the locks keypad NOT via LCM. After that when I use LCM I can add codes to the locks. If I add more than one lock to a code, one job will succeed and one will fail. Rerunning the failed job fixes that. So again FINALLY the Schlage locks are fine. :tada:

EDIT: How could I forget. I had to use a 100 foot patch cable and a power extension cord to bring my HE hub less then 1 foot of my Schlage locks before they would Exclude or Enroll. Literally LESS than 1 FOOT! They would "Exclude" at 5 feet away, but not "Enroll" unless right next to the HE hub (almost touching). The Yale lock enrolled from 10+ feet away FYI.

However I cannot get the Yale lock to send me the codes it has inside the lock (from before HE). I also cannot set new codes (via driver or LCM). I know the Yale lock is already set for 5 digits, I have at least 1 code in it we use (the "master code" for the Yale). I was hoping the driver could "see" that code and any others. Is that possible or do I need to reset the Yale and start all over as well?

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Did you ever get to the bottom of this @SuperDupe ?

I've got an older 914 that I bought a Z-Wave Plus chip for and had the exact same issue.

My solution was to purchase a ZigBee chip. That fixed everything. LCM works perfectly now. Fast and never any errors.

I finally gave up and switched out all my locks to the Zigbee radios... They are working great... Not sure what the issue was with the Z-Wave plus radios, but they never did work...

I'm using the default 4 digit pin on our locks, but I too have Schlage and Yale locks all working with HE.

The exclude is done with an already encrypted channel so that can be done from further away. Locks and garage door openers are designed to only connect via a secure connection and to prevent intercepting the join keys the lock greatly reduces its radios power during the join process so no matter the hub you will need to have locks closer to the hub than other Z-Wave devices that can connect in a non secure fashion, I usually take my lock off and bring it to the hub but either works. Best practice is to wipe all user codes from the locks before joining them and using the hub (LCM) to put the codes back on.


The master code cannot be read by LCM. It’s protect by the lock. Best to factory reset the lock and program the codes from LCM

I have an AUGUST PRO LOCK with the wifi keypad linked to it. I think I may already know the answer to this based on reading the thread BUT I figured I'd ask the community to make sure. With this setup (hub sees AUGUST PRO LOCK just fine) can I use LCM at all with the attached keypad accessory for my lock fingers crossed

The keypad I beleive is Bluetooth, and the lock doesn't support lock codes, so unfortunatly this wont work.

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OK, i didn't think so but I said, i better ask. I'm probably going to get another one of these, any issues with having multiple AUGUST Pro locks on 1 HE? I saw a thread saying this could be an issue. Thanks again for responding!!

I'm not aware of any specific zwave issues having multiple of these locks.

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OK, that's good enough for me. When I get it and install, I post if there are issues or SING your PRAISES when it all comes together. Thanks and Happy Sunday!

I bought a Alfred DB2 smart lock...is that LCM compatible? I'm searching the community and googling but have yet to find an actual list of locks supported by LCM. Does this one?