Lock code manager wont work

I dont add users/codes often, but it has always worked for me. Tonight I went to add a new user/code, and it gave me no errors, but the new user and code never showed up. I was able to DELETE a user, but then unable to re-add even that same user (The removed code was removed from both locks).

I found that I was able to change a code on an existing user, and even rename an existing user, but I still can't create a new user.

I removed the app, made sure I was up to date on firmware, rebooted, re-loaded the app, and there's no difference.

I can't see any other similar issues/questions posted.
Any ideas? I have logging on the app turned as high as it goes and I dont see any errors.

Thanks in advance!!

Try adding that specific code directly into one of your locks, then see if it shows up in lcm...

Interesting.. I specifically avoided that because I thought I remembered that doing that would make the new codes not manageable by the code manager, but perhaps I'm either mis-remembering that, or it has been fixed?

It did work, but when putting the code in, I didn't know what "position" any of the other codes were in, and didn't want to accidentally brute force overwrite an existing code, so I picked position 5 for the new code. It did put the user into the code manager, and then from there, I was able to add the other lock for the user, but when I did, it put the second user in as "position 2" on the second lock.

I'm going to quickly forget which positions have what users in them. Was this workaround meant to be used permanently or is this just a clue to the final fix? The lock is working now, but I'd obviously rather be able to use the code manager vs. doing it manually from now on each time.

Thanks for the response!!

Position 1 and 2 on the Schlage (which sounds like what you are using) are pre populated with the factory lock codes and can't be overwritten.

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That actually confuses me even more.. Hmm

Yesterday before I posted, I found this in the log (codes obfuscated):

app:62022-05-22 06:57:20.614 pm debuggetLockCodesFromDevices- lockCode:2={code=****, name=Steve}
app:62022-05-22 06:57:20.611 pm debuggetLockCodesFromDevices- lockCode:1={code=****, name=Tammy and Ryan}

These were 2 of four codes that were in at the time. Knowing that there had been 4 codes in before, I used code 5 when I manually added a user, so as not to overwrite one of them.

They are Schlage locks as you guessed, so I'd have assumed my 4 custom codes would have been in slots 3,4,5,6 previously, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Still curious if there's a permanent fix for the code manager so I dont have to manually enter a user in a lock before proceeding each time (and remembering manually which slots are not in use)?

Thanks again for the help!!

Clear all lock codes manually on the lock itself. Then re add through LCM (it should auto start on position 3)

To do that, would I have to clear both locks before trying to add the first code through LCM? Anything I need to do with LCM to get it to realize I did it, or just start with no codes in it as well?

Thanks - I'll give that a chance today.

Yes, both locks. Clear them on the physical lock though,not the device page. Use the actual Schlage be469 driver not the generic. After saving, click configure on the lock device page before working on lock manager,