Lock Code Manager users disappearing

I am in the process of moving away from Vera and on to HE. I have been using a virtual test lock with LCM and it was working as expected. I could easily add a user and define the Enable On/Disable On settings and it would work perfectly. I know that LCM has a limitation prohibiting the defining of a PIN to work for only a set of hours on specific days, but I figured out how to do this via some rules using the set.code and delete.code options when the triggers were met. However now I have a Z-Wave+ device connected to my HE and I'm having a hard time getting things to work as they did with the virtual test lock.

The users that are "Always Enabled" do get added into my Kwikset 912 with no issues. I have had to retry a couple of failed jobs, or delete the failed job and try again. But the codes do get pushed into the lock. However when I set an Enable/Disable time restriction the user disappears from the list when the enable time is met. I also do not see them within the device properties itself. If I add them again, as if they were new, and not set any restrictions, they then appear within the list with a "pending disable" message. And at this point they also appear as a user within the device properties too.

I really want to continue moving off of my Vera, but this hiccup is causing some frustration/delay in doing so. I also don't know if it matters, but the HE added the Kwikset 912 as a Schlage device. I did set the Type to generic Z-Wave Lock. I even tried excluding and including the device a second time just in case. The only other change is that I did all my previous testing on HE 2.2.8 and I am now on I did delete all the existing users from LCM, or those that I could see, and re-added them. Anything else I should try or look at?

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+1 I had the exact same issue when I was trying to add a neighbor to my Yale Zigbee locks last week, since we were going out of town. I am/was on a C7 with 2.9.131. I am about to update to .135 since I am back home now.

That release was pulled back.

But I'm glad to see I am not alone. I was starting to go crazy and getting pissed off at my lock for not working like I want it to.

Setup another round of testing with my LCM today. A few test users with Enable On, Disable On, or Enable/Disable On settings. I checked on LCM after the first Enable On time and the user is no longer in my list of users with lock codes. I checked the lock and this user is not listed there either. And the code does not work at the lock either. I know if I add the user again, they will appear within LCM with the pending Disable note next to their name as well as in the lock device settings.

Are there any issues with LCM 1.02 running on HE 2.2.9? Prior to my upgrade to 2.2.9 I only had a virtual test lock and everything was perfect.

I also am having this exact same issue. I had been using LCM with Hubitat 2.2.8 and Kwikset 912 at multiple properties, but since the upgrade to Hubitat 2.2.9, my symptoms are exactly the same as OP.

Back with 2.2.8, I did have the same issue at first, but when I changed the logging to Moderate, the issue disappeared. With 2.2.9, the logging level does not change the symptoms. Additionally, at the time of the scheduled enable job, there are no logs of any kind.

For one of my hubitats, I've upped the logging level to Verbose and create a test user that should be added within the hour. For another hubitat, I'm going to remove the app entirely and re-add it in case there are changes to LCM that didn't roll out with the Hubitat upgrade.

Let me know how that goes. I've heard that the database may stay on the hub.

there were no changes to LCM in 2.2.9, the last change to that app was a year ago in release 2.2.4

I did some more testing over the weekend. It appears that the issue is when the codes get Enabled based on the Enable On date. They disappear from the LCM listing of users. They return when they are disabled based on the Disable On date. I also had an existing user set to Always Enabled that I put a Disable On date. They remained, and still remain, in the list.

To me, it seems that they there may be an issue when the Enable On date is set. As I mentioned in a previous post, after they disappear (get enabled), if I add them again, they will appear as enabled and have a pending disable date. They will also get pushed to the lock at this re-add time too.

Removing LCM and reinstalling didn't change the behavior at all. After reinstalling, however, I discovered another issue: when trying to create a user code and setting it to "enable-on-date" in the same step, I get the following failure:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method add() on null object on line 685 (method userOptions)

When I create a new user code that is always enabled, I have no problem, and then can change the code to enable-on-date, but the same symptoms occur then as well.

As someone else pointed out, I can confirm that there is no new code for LCM. The version that is on my hubitat is the same that it has been since 2.2.4. I wonder if there is any code in the base hubitat system that has changed in 2.2.9 that breaks LCM in this specific use-case.

Also, I should mention that the test user that I created as an always enabled and then changed to a enable/disable on date user, did not get disabled as it should have.