Lock Code Manager - not disabling code on Kwikset Smartcode 914

I'm testing a Kwikset Smartcode 914 for my parents. No issues getting the device connected or functioning within Hubitat except for Lock Code Manager. I can add codes, but when I set a code to disable based on time, it doesn't seem to work.

LCM shows the user is disabled, but if I enter the code on the lock, it still opens.


I'm curious - zigbee or z-wave version? A lot of people have reported issues with z-wave locks.

Zigbee. Either this lock doesn't accept a disable command or something is up with LCM is my theory.

Follow up: I deleted all the codes and added a couple back in different slots. Tested the lock worked (success). Disabled a user, try the lock (success - code disabled). Re-enabled the same user, try the lock (success).

I've set the same user to expire at the top of the hour today (can you specify half hour?) and will report back.

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Follow up after the top of the hour: the user is showing as disabled, but the code still works. If I look at the device, the user is question still exists. So I re-enabled the user in LCM, then manually disabled. Device then showed the user removed and the code for said user no longer worked.

Looks like the disable on date/time isn't functioning correctly.

More testing. As soon as you make any other change after the event time to the user who should have been disabled (such as renaming), then the disable happens immediately.

I can confirm this is still happening. Iโ€™m using a Schlage BE469, so it doesnโ€™t appear to be brand specific. User does not disable on the lock (PIN still unlocks lock), however, LCM reports that the user is disabled. Renaming the user results in the PIN becoming disabled on the lock immediately.

Seems to be a bug in Hubitat.