Lock Code Manager - integrating an infrequent code in RM

In LCM, I've programmed a "Service" code for potential use with a service call, dog walker, housecleaner etc when we're not home.

It's never been used, and I have no anticipated use, but I thought it would be a good thing to have ready-to-go just in case... So that code is programmed in LCM but is currently "disabled".

I'd like to build an RM rule that turns on lights etc in case it ever does get used, but RM won't let me use that code in a rule since it's not currently enabled in LCM.

I'm curious why not all LCM codes are exposed to RM... Is there any way to get around this? Thanks!

RM and LCM have no relationship with respect to lock codes. RM gets the available codes from the lock itself. Perhaps that's the same thing for you. If the code isn't in the lock, RM can't see it.

But, you can get around that by using a Custom Attribute on the lock, for the attribute 'lastCodeName'. So if at some point that code name is used for a code in the lock, that would trigger a rule. And this happens without RM querying the lock in advance to know what codes it has.


Ahh, that makes much more sense -- stupidly, that possibility never occurred to me.

I will do as you suggest - that sounds like a plan. Thank you very much, good sir!