Lock code manager feature request

Could we add a feature to enable / disable users based on a schedule?

e.g. I would like to set user 1 to be enabled only on Wednesdays and Fridays between 09:00 and 15:00

Please let me know if this could be done - It would mean I could finally remove my Yale smart Living Lock away from Smartthings!

Many thanks

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This was part of the reasoning against doing that last time it came up:

I don't see any reasoning against doing it there. This is not an action performed after a lock is unlocked. This is a schedule for adding / removing users from the lock. Currently the app does support a very basic version of this based on start date and end date.. but it would be far more useful to have reoccurring schedules, which is what my request is.

Read the link again, I originally linked to the wrong post.

There is no capability on any lock I've seen to date whereby a given code can remain on the lock, but be disabled.
So there's always a risk that a given code won't be added or deleted, interference, batteries, god knows what...

Anyway, @mike.maxwell can comment if the situation has changed, or his thoughts on adding it have changed.

Ok I see what you mean.. but currently LCM does offer this already (code removal) so the precedent has already been set.

Also - other lock managers that I have seen on ST run regular checks on the lock to ensure that deleted codes are deleted and added codes are added. I appreciate that this magnifies the complexity of the app - but ultimately this is functionality that people would want from a HA lock system

Hmm. I actually like this idea. Polling the lock to ensure the codes are correct.

My only thought would be around any battery drain this would add to the lock. But maybe add it as a configurable option and let the user decide on how frequently to poll.

Yep - agreed - and also it doesn't need to check every 5 min.. it probably needs to do a check straight after, then again in an hour, and as long as those two are fine, assuming there are no other changes made it probably only needs to check once a day until such time as another change is made by the user or by the schedule

LCM already includes a rudementary retry mechanism, it isn't doing a simple fire and pray code push. It doesn't have any means currently to notify of a failure, with an option for that added In, I would be much more comfortable implementing some weekly recurring schedules.

In any event, we understand the use case and the request isnt being ignored, its just a question of workload and priority...


Sounds good - I'll be patient! Thank you

Hi Mike - another feature request to add to the list here. What is the solution (in case there already is one) for changing / adding / deleting lock codes remotely?

Aside from setting up a VPN to the local area network.. is there some sort of oath based solution that we could use to be able to add a new temporary user? The use case for this (as just happened to me) was while I was abroad , being able to give a friend a temporary pass to get something from my apartment?

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I agree with being able to add a temporary code and delete a lock code remotely. I believe that this is an essential feature, especially when you are away from home and need to give someone access to your house without just giving them your primary code. I was able to do this when I had Nexia as my hub and there were times that this feature was useful.

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